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A multi-stage retrieval approach to playlist continuation: An Information Retrieval Perspective

For the task of automatic playlist continuation described in RecSys Challenge 2018, we propose a multi-stage IR (Information Retrieval) approach combined with LTR (Learning to Rank).

Our model is capable of generating a list of recommended tracks for a given playlist which has a number of withheld tracks. Briefly, we follow three main steps to produce relevant results:

  1. Indexing: We build a Lucene index over the MPD.
  2. Searching: By treating playlists as documents and tracks as queries, we search for possible candidates over the index for an incomplete playlist.
  3. Ranking: We apply LambdaMART algorithm to re-rank the list of candidate tracks.

During the ranking step, we use statistical features derived from the MPD. Optionally, we can also utilize audio and album features collected via Spotify Web API. Thus, our model can compete in both main and creative tracks of the challenge. Following table presents the complete set of features:

Feature ID Description Category Track
1 Number of tracks in playlist P Main & Creative
2 Number of samples in playlist P Main & Creative
3 Number of holdouts in playlist P Main & Creative
4 Length of playlist title P Main & Creative
5 Track occurrence T Main & Creative
6 Track frequency T Main & Creative
7 Track duration T Main & Creative
8 Album occurrence T Main & Creative
9 Album frequency T Main & Creative
10 Number of tracks in album T Main & Creative
11 Artist occurrence T Main & Creative
12 Artist frequency T Main & Creative
13 Number of albums of artist T Main & Creative
14 Number of tracks of artist T Main & Creative
15 Submission order PxT Main & Creative
16 Lucene score PxT Main & Creative
17 Predicted position PxT Main & Creative
18 Jaccard distance of playlist title and track name PxT Main & Creative
19 Jaccard distance of playlist title and album name PxT Main & Creative
20 Jaccard distance of playlist title and artist name PxT Main & Creative
21 Audio danceability T Creative Only
22 Audio energy T Creative Only
23 Audio key T Creative Only
24 Audio loudness T Creative Only
25 Audio mode T Creative Only
26 Audio speechiness T Creative Only
27 Audio acousticness T Creative Only
28 Audio instrumentalness T Creative Only
29 Audio liveness T Creative Only
30 Audio valence T Creative Only
31 Audio tempo T Creative Only
32 Audio time signature T Creative Only
33 Album popularity T Creative Only

In order to reproduce our results, one can run script provided in the repository. This script builds everything needed from scratch, assuming that requirements below are available at the computing environment:

  • JDK 9 or higher
  • Maven 3
  • Python 3.5 or later

Team Info

The name of our team in the challenge is Anadolu. The members of our team are:

  • Ahmet Arslan
  • Alper Bilge
  • Ali Yürekli