Joosy is a browser applications framework. That is based on Rails, CoffeeScript and love.
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What is Joosy

Joosy is a javascript framework. Being a harmonious extensions to Rails it introduces everything you like about this framework right to your browser. Ready conventions set, extensive CoffeeScript, HAML support, Helpers, seamless backend integration, automatic code generation and more.

Joosy allows you to create web apps which work completely in the browser. So that, it helps you to relocate all your Rails Views to the client side. It also helps you with managing the growing quantity of JS code. On another hand, it makes your backend to have exactly one function – to be a simple REST provider. That leads to easier development support and improves the scalability greatly.

Besides Rails, Joosy is based on top of CoffeeScript, jQuery and Sugar.js in role of ActiveSupport.

Finally, Joosy boosts your development drastically. Just like the Rails do.

  • Joosy basics: introduction and architecture highlights
  • Joosy vs X: comparison to Backbone and Ember.js
  • Joosy guides: set of articles that will help you to learn the framework.
  • Joosy API: Codo-documented API of Joosy.

Hello world app

Add Joosy gem to your Gemfile:

gem 'joosy'

Using built-in generators you can quickly generate small app inside your Rails app to see Joosy application from inside a bit.

rails g joosy:application dummy
rails g joosy:preloader dummy

Now you can rails s and see Joosy placeholder at localhost:3000/dummy

Generated application will consist of one Layout and one Page both including very basic practices of Joosy.


Don't forget to run tests!

bundle install
rake guard
rake jasmine

http://localhost:8888/ <- they are here :)



It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms of MIT license.