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homework 1 - swift playground

Before beginning this homework, you'll need to install Xcode 9. You can download it by heading over to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xcode/id497799835.

due date

Wednesday, September 12th at 7pm


files to submit

  • SwiftPlayground.playground (folder)

To submit, you can either upload a zip or using github. If using github, add your playground folder to a private repository (if you don't have free private repositories, get them here with the github student developer pack). If you're new to GitHub, you can find detailed instructions on how to add your assignment to a repo here.

Using your private repository or zip, submit your assignment to Gradescope.

to do

For this week's homework, you'll become more comfortable writing code in Swift, and will get some practice with some of the language's nuances. Though most of the topics in the homework were covered in lecture, you may need to (and are encouraged to) take a look at the Swift Language Guide.

Begin by downloading the homework starter code, which can be found in this repository. Open SwiftPlayground.playground in Xcode, and follow the instructions found inside.


To receive credit for this assignment, you will need to pass all of the tests found at the bottom of the playground, which you can run by uncommenting the line // PlaygroundTests.defaultTestSuite.run().

Feel free to ask for help on Piazza if you get stuck on the assignment or have any issues submitting, and good luck!