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Everest v2.2.0

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@QwertyJack QwertyJack released this 12 Jan 09:22
· 1888 commits to master since this release

Changelog v2.2.0

Sat Jan 12 17:37:34 CST 2019

  • Change naming style of all functions in system contracts from ThisNameStyle to thisNameStyle.
  • Remove keypair pubkey ID. Change pubkey ID ( "IOST" + base58(pubkey_bytes + crc32(pubkey_bytes)) to base58(pubkey_bytes) for simplicity; signup and vote will be affected.
  • Add transaction replay protection.
  • Add ChainID field in each transaction.
  • Rewrite serialization to make it simpler and more efficient.
  • Update RPC; redefine groups to group_names in struct Permission.
  • Adjust genesis configuration.
  • Add contractOwner() system method to JS smart contract.