A cli app to chat on LAN and send files
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This is a simple LAN chat which is able to find peers and connect to them. It's built on Node.js and I loved the way it works. It's not something really serious but rather is my attempt at learning js, especially node.

Download the source by cloning and add the dependencies using npm install. To use the system, try npm link. With this you can tinker with the code without re installing the app.

Now that you have installed, run it like this.

hostel w

The 'w' is for wifi. This option lets you select the interface on which you want this app to run. So if you are in a hostel and your LAN is through ethernet cables then you'd use

hostel e

To check online users:


To connect to a user:

connect [username]

Once you are connected to someone, the terminal becomes your messenger. To go back to control mode, you'd have to disconnect.

To send message:

[text message]

To send files:

upld [path of file]