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Hardware A8 node

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The A8 open node is based on a TI SITARA AM3505 which is a high-performance ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessor. Its 600 MHz clock speed enable to run an embedded Linux or Android.It enables to run applications used in advanced devices such as set-top box or smartphone/tablet in order to concentrate sensors information.

Schematics and Datasheets

The A8 open node also contains a fully controllable and programmable STM32, using the ARM Cortex-A8 processor through an USB/FTDI device. Like the M3 open node, the STM32 gives access to sensors (tri-axis gyro and accelerometer/magnetometer) and wireless communication. The TI SITARA can be debugged through a second FTDI device via the USB port on A8 open node connector. Two external USB ports and one ethernet (on A8 open node connector) are connected to the main processor.

Concerning the power consumption, only the global + 5 volts is monitored.

As an option, a GPS module can be connected to the main processor. It can be used for time synchronisation using the PPS line. This line can be connected to the local STM32 or propagated through a open node connector GPIO. The choice is made by a jumper.

[More information about the GPS module]( GPS).

Main hardware components contained in this node are :


The complete schematics is available


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