Hardware M3 node

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The M3 open node is based on a STM32 (ARM Cortex M3) micro-controller. Like the WSN430 node, this new generation contains a set of sensors and a radio interface. Main evolutions are a more powerful 32-bits processing, a new ATMEL radio interface in 2.4 GHz and more sensors.

The M3 Open Node can reset, debug and program the STM32 on JTAG through the FTDI4232H connected to the USB. This component allows also a UART link to the STM32. The Open Node connector gives access to 3 STM32/GPIO and the STM32/I2C. Two power lines are accessible on this connector :

  • a + 5.0 volts for the board power supply
  • a 3.3 volts for the consumption monitoring of the STM32, the RF component and the sensors

The M3 Open Node can be used in standalone without a gateway connected to the M3 Open node connector. The board powering is then assumed by a battery (in2) or by the USB connector duplicated (in3). The input power source is configured through the power management.

Schematics and Datasheets

In details, the main hardware components contained in the node are :

The complete schematics is available


  • The second UART on Open node connector is not useable (wires RX an TX inversed)
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