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Hardware Wsn430 dock

Alexandre Abadie edited this page Apr 27, 2018 · 1 revision

The WSN430 can be used stand-alone using an additional board called "Dock" and a JTAG programmer which allows to program and debug software on the WSN430.

JTAG programmer

We use the MSP430 USB-DEBUG-Interface MSP-FET430UIF from Texas Instrument.

Dock board

There are two versions of the dock board :

  • Version 1 'WSN430 JTAG adapter' with 3 connectors : serial, JTAG, external power (+5v)
  • Version 2 'Senstools WSN430' with 4 connectors : USB, JTAG, external power (+5v)

TBD: Need to find the schematics of the Version1.

For the dock board Version 2 verify that the hardware patches have been applied.

Concerning the external power, it is mandatory on the Version 1 and due to a hardware bug, the WSN430 battery must be connected. For the Version 2, the power can be bring by the USB link.

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