Hardware frdm kw41z node

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The FRDM-KW41Z open node is a NXP FRDM-KW41Z This open node provides a BLE radio interface and a 802.15.4 radio interface.

The FRDM-KW41Z Open Node can reset, debug and program the ARM Cortex M0+ through the embedded debugger (OpenOCD) connected to the gateway USB port. This component also allows a UART connection to the M0. The input power source is configured through the power management.

IoT-LAB special configuration

The serial connection baudrate should be configured at 115200 bauds in the firmware.

Extensions with sensors

Nodes in Saclay site (frdm-kw41z-1 to frdm-kw41z-5) are equipped with an ST X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 shield. This gives access to external sensors to the frdm-kw41z nodes:

  • a temperature and humidity sensor HTS221
  • an atmospheric pressure sensor LPS22HB
  • an accelerometer sensor LSM6DSL
  • an accelerometer sensor LSM303AGR

Example firmware

IoT-LAB provides an example firmware that can be used on FRDM-KW41Z boards. This firmware is based on RIOT-OS saul example. The firmware can interact with the HTS221 and LSM6DSL sensors, as well as with the 4 on-boards LEDs and buttons. Example of RIOT shell commands:

% list available commands
% list available actuators and sensors
% read temperature value
saul read 8
% read relative humidity value
saul read 9
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