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Some A8 nodes are equiped with a GPS chip. It allows to synchronize precisely data collection from these nodes together. In Rocquencourt site all A8 nodes are GPS, in Grenoble only 32 nodes are GPS. The list is below.

A8 GPS nodes in Grenoble

  • a8-1, a8-3, a8-4, a8-8,

  • a8-10, a8-11, a8-13, a8-15,

  • a8-16, a8-19, a8-20, a8-59,

  • a8-61, a8-63, a8-65, a8-68,

  • a8-70, a8-129, a8-130, a8-131,

  • a8-132, a8-134, a8-135, a8-136,

  • a8-137, a8-138, a8-139, a8-142,

  • a8-143, a8-144, a8-147, a8-148

List: 1+3-4+8+10-11+13+15-16+19-20+59+61+63+65+68+70+129-132+134-139+142-144+147-148

There are located near the GPS antenna repeater at the corner of corridor J and F