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RIOT support for WSN430, M3, Atmel SAMR21 XPlained, Arduino Zero and ST B-L072Z-LRWAN1 nodes is provided directly by the RIOT project on GitHub.

Node type Sources
M3 RIOT/boards/iotlab-m3
WSN430 RIOT/boards/wsn430 (1.3b), RIOT/boards/wsn430 (1.4)
SAMR21 RIOT/boards/samr21-xpro
Arduino Zero RIOT/boards/arduino-zero
ST-LRWAN1 RIOT/boards/b-l072z-lrwan1

See RIOT Quick Start Guide in the RIOT wiki.

GNU Toolchain for ARM

With recent versions of RIOT (2018.01+), the default version of the GNU Toolchain for ARM (4.9) doesn't work. RIOT recommends to use 7.2+. See this page for details on how to use it on IoT-LAB.


See the RIoT-LAB tutorial and the tutorials on the IoT-LAB page:

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