Zephyr support

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Zephyr support for some IoT-LAB nodes is provided directly by the Zephyr project on GitHub.

Node type Sources
Arduino Zero zephyr/boards/arm/arduino_zero
ST-LRWAN1 zephyr/boards/arm/b_l072z_lrwan1
ST-IOTNODE zephyr/boards/arm/disco_l475_iot
nRF52840DK zephyr/boards/arm/nrf52840_pca10056
NRF52DK zephyr/boards/arm/nrf52_pca10040
nRF51DK zephyr/boards/arm/nrf51_pca10028
FRDM-KW41Z zephyr/boards/arm/frdm_kw41z
Micro:bit zephyr/boards/arm/bbc_microbit

See Zephyr Getting Started on the Zephyr project website.

Using the SDK on SSH frontends

The Zephyr SDK is installed on all IoT-LAB SSH frontends in /opt/zephyr-sdk-<version>. Current version is 0.9.5.

You can activate it by simply running:

$ source /opt/zephyr.source

This command will also update your $PATH variable in order to include a very recent version of CMake (>= 3.13), which is required by the Zephyr build system.

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