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W3C Community Group Charter for the incubation of semantic definitions

Overview is a community organization for extending to connected things. The community has held monthly teleconferences since late 2016 and had developed a proposed design pattern for semantic definitions.

The next step is to open the process up for contributions from community members. To do this, we need to have contribution agreements in place that implement a well defined IPR policy.

This document proposes a scope and charter for a W3C Community Group to provide a working framework for incubation and initial work products for this activity.

Community Group Scope

  • Incubate the community process for definitions from contribution through publishing
  • Incubate definitions sets for a small number of domain-specific applications including connected homes and buildings
  • Work with other W3C and external groups to incorporate their vocabularies, taxonomies, and ontologies into definition sets, e.g. Automotive
  • Develop a common process that can be used to replicate this work in other application domains

Work Products

The Community Group will create some initial work products, consisting of semantic definitions, that will be published on a public resource of

  • Guidelines for contribution and publication of definitions
  • Definitions for capabilities/traits of connected things
  • Definitions for Feature of Interest Properties
  • Definitions for common enumeration types used in applications

The definitions are in RDF using common serializations, currently we are using JSON-LD and Turtle. The definitions follow the common pattern established in the documentation and examples.

Way of Working

  • will use a consensus driven process to decide specific rules and standards for publication of definitions.
  • The Community Group will publish a written guideline for contribution and publication, and will use this guideline in ongoing work
  • The Community Group will publish valid contributions in a community area and develop the process for creating an official set of common definitions that is maintained and extended over time

Licensing the Work Products


  • Darko Anicic
  • Dan Brickley
  • Michael Koster