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Welcome to is an extension of for Internet of Things. The goal is to enable web applications to interact with the physical world based on machine interpretable information. enables semantic interoperability for connected things across diverse IoT ecosystems.

This is the project repository. It contains all the schemas, examples, and related software. For the site itself, please see instead. Once it gets stable, will be moved to

If you are interested to participate please join the W3C Schema Extensions for IoT Community Group and introduce yourself. Monthly Teleconferences are held. For further information, please see repository with teleconference materials.

Proposing schemas

The goal is not to invent new semantic models for IoT. Instead we integrate and reuse existing schemas, ontologies and vocabularies. The approach is open, organic and community based. However we do encourage domain experts to give their proposals, and thus help us growing Please find information how you can contribute here.


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