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IoT JumpWay Intel® Edison Examples

IoT JumpWay Docs


TechBubble Technologies Internet of Things (IoT) JumpWay is an IoT PaaS that allows anyone to connect IoT devices such as Raspberry Pi, Intel® Edison, Arduino, ESP8266 and even phones,PCs, Macs and laptops to the Internet of Things. The various IoT JumpWay libraries and samples allow you to connect devices and sensors to the IoT JumpWay and control/monitor sensors/actuators and data to and from the devices.

The Intel® Edison examples provide example projects that you can use to get started with using the IoT JumpWay for your Intel® Edison projects.

Intel® Edison Examples

Intel® Edison Docs

IoT JumpWay Intel® Edison Bugs/Issues

Please feel free to create issues for bugs and general issues you come across whilst using the IoT JumpWay Intel Examples. You may also use the issues area to ask for general help whilst using the IoT JumpWay Intel Examples in your IoT projects.

IoT JumpWay Intel® Edison Contributors

Adam Milton-Barker,  Intel Software Innovator