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I3 and IOTA

This workshop includes step-by-step instructions for buying and selling data on the I3 Marketplace

Researchers at USC and IOTA teamed up to conduct experiments building IoT Devices and connecting them to the I3 Marketplace so they could buy and sell sensor data. They stored data in the IOTA Tangle. The results were demonstrated at the Aug-2019 I3 Intelligent-Integrated IoT Conference and Workshop hosted by USC

In this workshop, you learn to build your own IoT Device, connect it to I3 Marketplace, and store data in the Tangle. You can follow these step-by-step tutorials or you may attend this workshop in person by joining this MeetUp. If you want to facilitate this workshop, here is the facilitator's guide.

Step 1: Building your IoT device

AstroPiOTA and EnviroPhat are easy to build because you snap together two components. CO2-TVOC requires connecting a few wires. Autonomous Gardener has multiple components with a more complex wiring scheme.

Step 2: Connecting your IoT device to the I3 Marketplace

This Software Development Kit provides sample scripts that can be used by publishers and subscribers on the I3 real-time IoT data marketplace for smart communities. Each of these tutorials includes a step-by-step code walkthrough explaining its data publisher and subscriber:

Step 3: Storing and evaluating your data

Here is a sample chart showing data collected by four IoT devices over a 24 hour period

Viewing data on the Tangle





Viewing data in ThingSpeak channels

AstroPiota data visualization

EnviroPhat data visualization

CO2 data visualization

Prototyping and testing utility

Retrieving data from Tangle test addresses

Learning resources

Learn Python Playlist

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