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Progressive examples that give developers an understanding of how to work with the tangle
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IOTA Workshop

Simple examples to help a developer work through interacting with the IOTA network.

Getting started

To start playing with these examples run the following commands:

git clone
cd iota-workshop
npm i
node code/1-hello-world.js

You should receive a message including the statistics of an IOTA node. This means you can explore and run the other examples.

Examples included

Here are the examples included:

  • 1-hello-world.js
  • 2.1-send-hello.js
  • 2.2-fetch-hello.js
  • 3.1-create-address.js
  • 3.2-check-balance.js
  • 4-send-tokens.js
  • 5.1-send-data.js
  • 5.2-fetch-data.js
  • 6.1-zmq-listen.js
  • 6.2-zmq-message.js
  • 7.1-mam-public-send.js
  • 7.2-mam-public-fetch.js
  • 7.3-mam-private-send.js
  • 7.4-mam-private-fetch.js
  • 7.5-mam-public-watch.js

Work to be done:

  • Provide directed commentary alongside each example!
  • Improve code commenting
  • Refactor code into a single style (arrows vs functions)
  • Add complex application examples


PRs are welcome on master

🍻 Lewi

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