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Using EC.ixi

Step 1: Create your Cluster

In the Actors section, create a new actor (or multiple). This section contains all actors controlled by you.

The actor should automatically be added to your Cluster section. This section contains all actors you base your confirmation on. It can include both actors you control as well as actors from other people.

Step 2: Issue a new Transfer

Enter a random tryte sequence as seed (never use a real seed!) in your Wallet section and generate addresses.

Choose one of those addresses and change its initial balance (e.g. by 1000 iotas) in the Cluster section. You can copy addresses (and all other hashes) to your clipboard simply by clicking on it. This will give you some tokens to play around with. Note that these tokens will only be recognized by the actors controlled by you.

In the Wallet section click on the send button to issue a new transfer.

A new transfer should now appear in your Transfer section.

When clicking on status, the confidence for each transaction should be 0.

Step 3: Send a Marker

In Actors, click on the issue button of your actor. Enter the hash displayed in your Transfer section into the *reference #1 field and click on issue.

When clicking on the markers button of the same actor under Cluster, you should now see one entry with a confidence of something like 0.05.

Click on the status button of the transfer in Transfers, the confidence should now be positive. When going on details, you should see one entry with 0.05.

Keep clicking the tick button of actors controlled by you. This should slowly let the confidence converge towards 1.

Issuing a Double-Spend

  • From section Cluster change the balance of one of your addresses A by creating tokens.
  • In your wallet send a transfer spending all tokens from A to another address B.
  • Send a second transfer from A to a third address C. You can do this even after the first transfer confirmed by disabling "check for available balance".
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