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cclient cclient: fixing the threshold misunderstanding. (#506) Nov 14, 2018
ciri storage: fix index creation in SQL schema (#538) Nov 20, 2018
common mam2: move errors to retcode_t (#537) Nov 20, 2018
config Get cIRI database path from configuration variables (#489) Nov 9, 2018
consensus ledger_validator: fix tx-bundle pointer check (#514) Nov 13, 2018
cppclient cppclient/api_json: vlog every function that does api call (#210) Aug 29, 2018
docs docs: add labels & PR template Jun 20, 2018
gossip gossip: tips_requester implementation (#500) Nov 13, 2018
hooks Run hooks on index / Formatting hook (#53) Jul 5, 2018
mam mam/v2: sponge - fix asan failure (#545) Nov 20, 2018
mobile/android Change Android method names to match helpers (#367) Oct 9, 2018
network Fix compilation warnings and constness (#493) Nov 9, 2018
tanglescope tanglescope: use of nonstd::optional to compile on OS X (#348) Oct 4, 2018
third_party/iota_lib_cpp tanglescope/confirmationratecollector - Add a new collector (#119) Aug 14, 2018
tools consensus/snapshot: use iotaledger/snapshots as snapshot source, add … Oct 19, 2018
utils consensus: fix bad sleep values caused by uninitialised values or wro… Nov 12, 2018
.bazelrc bazelrc: update for 0.18.0 file search path list (#403) Oct 15, 2018
.clang-format Run hooks on index / Formatting hook (#53) Jul 5, 2018
.gitignore consensus/snapshot: use iotaledger/snapshots as snapshot source, add … Oct 19, 2018
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CODEOWNERS common: limited support for Windows (#154) Aug 16, 2018
CONTRIBUTING.md Missing extern C blocks (#474) Nov 5, 2018
Dockerfile Containerize Apr 10, 2018
LICENSE License existing code under Apache-2.0 (#320) Oct 8, 2018
README.md entangled: README - add information table + some desc (#286) Sep 17, 2018
WORKSPACE cclient/http: replaced beast.cc with http.c (#399) Nov 2, 2018


IOTA Entangled Monorepo

Build status

This is a monorepo containing all you need to get [IOTA] operating in C/C++

Containing IOTA components, models as well as cryptography primitives used in IOTA.


Component Description
[Tanglescope] A monitoring tool for the Tangle
[MAM] A low level implementation for MAM
[CIRI] (WIP) A low level implementation of IOTA node largely inspired by [IRI]
[CClient] (WIP) A low level IOTA client implementation


bazel test //...

Developing Entangled

  • Be sure to run ./hooks/autohook.sh install after initial checkout!
  • Pass -c dbg for building with debug symbols.

Tools required for running git commit hook

  • buildifier
  • clang-format


Buildifier can be installed with bazel or go

Install with go

  1. change directory to $GOPATH
  2. run $ go get github.com/bazelbuild/buildtools/buildifier The executable file will be located under $GOPATH/bin
  3. make a soft link for global usage, run $ sudo ln -s $HOME/go/bin/buildifier /usr/bin/buildifier

Install with bazel

  1. clone bazelbuild/buildtools repository $ git clone https://github.com/bazelbuild/buildtools.git
  2. change directory to buildtools
  3. build it with bazel command, $ bazel build //buildifier The executable file will be located under path/to/buildtools/bazel-bin
  4. make a soft link


clang-format can be installed by command:

  • Debian/Ubuntu based: $ sudo apt-get install clang-format
  • OSX: $ brew install clang-format