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GoShimmer implementation of Coordicide
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Run Shimmer

First, you need to install Go if it is not already installed on your machine. It is recommended that you use the most recent version of Go.


  • gcc: Some packages in this repo might require to be compiled by gcc. Windows users can install MinGW-gcc.


If you need to develop locally and be able to build by using your local code, i.e., without waiting for pushing your commits on the repo, clone the repository directly inside the src/ folder of your $GOPATH with the command:

git clone

or if you prefer https over ssh

git clone

Verify that you have installed the minimal required go version (1.12.7):

go version

You can build your executable (as well as cross compiling for other architectures) by running the go build tool inside the just cloned folder goshimmer:

go build -o shimmer

On Windows:

ren shimmer shimmer.exe

You can then run by:






To run Shimmer on docker, you must first build the image with

docker build -t iotaledger/goshimmer .

and then run it with

docker run --rm -it -v "$(pwd)/mainnetdb:/app/mainnetdb" iotaledger/goshimmer

You may replace $(pwd)/mainnetdb with a custom path to the database folder.

To start Shimmer in the background, you can also simply use Docker Compose by running

docker-compose up -d
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