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Releases: iotaledger/legacy-wallet-use-trinity-wallet-instead


29 Jan 00:05
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Legacy project, use Trinity wallet instead.

Fixes and improvements for address reuse prevention.

File Name SHA256 Digest
IOTA Wallet-2.5.7.dmg dfb4219c68e97a0056df6a59c5ba98684086c4f5347357c14143842eb33ecea9
IOTA Wallet Setup 2.5.7.exe 6a83d573d171813fedf6814045127730dc0200b14731705a8bd06262c8a0a104
iota_2.5.7_amd64.deb 987db9428608772e5223922f8380cfae3830ee2de838f831bd1d5620e7713f9e
iota-2.5.7.x86_64.rpm 1399ecd2d8cde270d9a857ac526ab683edc101eed20d98f9a3f7cae7a61fd98d
iota-2.5.7.tar.gz 2bd04c0ad1f823da768978c7d6c747d7c1a313c0492432d2acea500f6d68bea0


22 Dec 15:45
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Fixes and improvements over promotion feature.

File Name SHA256 Digest
IOTA Wallet-2.5.6.dmg 78aadca2d4f9127e7f7a1ff2611e75cd7dfa127dc65d852fc453651344b4a4af
IOTA Wallet Setup 2.5.6.exe a38f7e85764c1c6bb507822afce1a67a0731e81bee38d039c6c6ecc15bb118d0
iota_2.5.6_amd64.deb 2fa280f28f1d6d39ad59efe07cf6bc3735212f9042300a61c232572d3df73277
iota-2.5.6.x86_64.rpm 876b502437c8a843f01b8a195106ae03dd254336a946170ab50ea3b14c5a9979
iota-2.5.6.tar.gz aa2ad88db92dfc07e18c326bbd9674687f3e1562c5fb2b83e7667235fe21e861


19 Dec 12:55
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Adds support for promoting transactions

File Name SHA256 Digest
IOTA Wallet-2.5.5.dmg da45578f534d3c31e49e1ff987260ccc8cda6b17f51669ba873fb322b28a3442
IOTA Wallet Setup 2.5.5.exe 57a5cb1737f7aa029c2c03d0793391c0896277a204541b07fe95c082273a717b
iota_2.5.5_amd64.deb dd480574e67b2cd4e5bdd05f34d670829d6edc48607eabc3c71764b54638cd75
iota-2.5.5.x86_64.rpm 514bfbf11b9121ccf063cb001a8605331a524cc8a32c666951b1145f56f8f130
iota-2.5.5.tar.gz 2482d3bb509c3397b0d696ddaa6afc12c261084d31e36ca86b9267927ec3964f


09 Nov 23:13
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File Name SHA256 Digest
IOTA Wallet-2.5.4.dmg 07e21c8975b540f5e90cd9b370608947023cf23cd92e3f5b5a522912320bd24e
IOTA Wallet Setup 2.5.4.exe 1d894601d5b5bd856ffc0afd5678217ffaa457a1e7741c2fa9d537645ec267c5
iota_2.5.4_amd64.deb ce370f439fc07221075e4f3456abe5b450bc5ede032e6bf38696bf7f8effe2a6
iota-2.5.4.x86_64.rpm afd2be65c090336a796b34bbafa82aeb6e0dba7db4364aaaf16b188262b54be9
iota-2.5.4.tar.gz 7882781899417fba14ff5760d37c1ed2d329ca322b8439248ef3e84ea1b1f2e0

v2.5.3: Merge pull request #404 from iotaledger/hotfix-tag

26 Oct 09:29
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File Name SHA256 Digest
IOTA Wallet-2.5.3.dmg 5a017f703baf1c0649c805aa9346d546305c4655716a1047fd57304d7815c340
IOTA Wallet Setup 2.5.3.exe 885dbcba387e409e04a91bc8d1b3798418de48e96772d2138bb2ea6225b7aa3f
iota_2.5.3_amd64.deb 649d22bb0d31cbf0d5015bb5b69c765fad5822f12b407311a8a9ed82cd7a53e3
iota-2.5.3.x86_64.rpm f4c1054d5bb3d948b9cca18bda08209a02c81af469cb74036581418c2e60599f
iota-2.5.3.tar.gz 45a26a0d6c78d0ee2c6cc028773c235d9e74a0e39585d94a77a7f41458ce0e0a

v2.5.2: IOTA Recovery Tool

24 Oct 22:22
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This release brings with it the recovery tool needed for people that have missed out on the previous transition phase, or users that were vulnerable due to continuous key re-use, to reclaim their tokens. This is a two stage claim phase, whereby in the first phase you submit the proof to the Tangle, and in the second one the address to which the tokens will be automatically sent to. This release is currently being scheduled for next week.

Please make sure to keep your old and new seeds! Here is a blog post about this release:

Mainnet Release: v2.5.1

23 Sep 22:56
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Bug Fixes

  • Resolves issues related to ccurl and WebGLv2 that some users had.


File Name SHA256 Digest
IOTA Wallet-2.5.1.dmg 89c5ad91c3a0bb5c8769be5cf8b0b7f4b6faed5af9b7feb32f687d6fde941ac7
IOTA Wallet Setup 2.5.1.exe 602ccc7904e194494a2b888a79feb2f16bd5072c532b7ac90e126f0500c19464
iota_2.5.1_amd64.deb cfa11d29c3f7c7c267a027cbdf50c641a72ff89593adb23f0f27d2ef6a8c4138
iota-2.5.1.x86_64.rpm 6a4f5bc401e36dacee845629c13f10caad5dcfeb1dd8d98c6c4fa048a9f04e7e
iota-2.5.1.tar.gz c220ee7180b1f973c1d86097940161ed468f45097a2ed3545ac7f0b5f548f0f3

Mainnet Release: v2.5.0

23 Sep 12:59
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The GUI Release v2.5.0 for the mainnet is part of the Snapshot that was conducted on 22.09.2017. This new GUI release, apart from the new Snapshot, features several important improvements:

  • Prevent address key reuse
  • prevent sending to addresses that have been spent from before
  • added option for switching between CCurl and WebGL2-based PoW
  • changed default MWM to 14 if no configuration file exists
  • update iota.lib.js to 0.4.1
  • change transaction display to sort by attachment time

When upgrading to this new GUI release, keep in mind that, if you're running a full node, that you have to delete your database (mainnetdb and mainnet.log files). In addition to that, we are downgrading the minWeightMagnitude to 14, as such, make sure to manually change this in the GUI under Edit Node Configuration -> Tools -> minWeightMagnitude

In order to regain your full balance, all you have to do is generate addresses. This is also part of helping the network recover and get transactions confirmed faster.


IOTA.Wallet-2.5.0.dmg (generated with shasum)


IOTA.Wallet.Setup.2.5.0.exe (generated with Get-FileHash)


iota_2.5.0_amd64.deb (generated with sha256sum)


iota-2.5.0.i686.rpm (generated with sha256sum)


iota-2.5.0.tar.gz (generated with sha256sum)


Mainnet Release: v2.4.0 (Major Upgrade)

09 Aug 12:14
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This release is part of a major overall upgrade of the IOTA protocol. Most notably are the changes for Kerl ( and the accompanying transition phase.

About the Transition Phase

A detailed document about the transition phase will be ready within 20 - 30mins. Please wait before upgrading.

About the Snapshot

As this release is part of the snapshot, for GUI users which use the GUI as a full node, please make sure that you delete your database. You can find the database folder in the following directories on all respective OS'es. Make sure to delete the mainnetdb and mainnet.log folders:


C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\IOTA Wallet


~/.Library/Application Support/IOTA Wallet


~/.config/IOTA Wallet

Mainnet Release: v2.3.1

07 Jul 20:40
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This is an official v2.3.1 version of the new GUI Wallet. This includes some important changes such as:

  • Friendlier Reattachments: If for a transfer the input have already been spent, the reattachement and rebroadcast button will not appear, indicating to the user that a new transaction should be made.
  • Tag Display for bundles
  • Seed Security Preferences: By default, you cannot login with a seed with less than 60 characters. You can manually change this setting to accept more insecure seeds in the Preferences section.
  • Seed Checksums
  • Moving of Database Folder
  • More Stable Translations
  • Bug Fixes for ccurl hashing on light wallets

Read the blog post for more information: