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@rihardsgravis rihardsgravis released this May 30, 2019 · 124 commits to develop since this release


  • Fix: Chart and price API calls (#1595)
  • Fix: Skip retry failed transactions when password is not available (#1602)
  • Fix: Ledger onboarding loading forever without reporting an error (#1603)
  • Fix: Linux version incorrectly reporting "Missing security dependencies" (#1638)
  • Update: Add Snapshot Transition reminder when an existing seed is added with 0 balance (#1643)

Fixes #1630

File Hashes

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File Platform SHA256 Hash
trinity-desktop-0.5.2.exe Windows 10 085fe95cc877d1f0fe849696cda566cb182ae27671fa0b4042086c8bee333912
trinity-desktop-win7-0.5.2.exe Windows 7 f8b599cd59bfbff660a0f51be94762816adc8c953783f979861694be99a1e087
trinity-desktop-0.5.2.dmg macOS 15eb6341497589e5a237df0c5a9b3668a59d7cad2301523328f682c6bebed255
trinity-desktop-0.5.2.AppImage Linux 706cd8e392de18f136d79f0188e4a009886d4102422c8722bfe8b208ff3ac87c
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