Packager for the IOTA Wallet.
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IOTA Packager

This packager will compile the app into executables for Linux, MacOS and Windows...


  1. Download NodeJS

  2. Install Electron:

npm install -g electron-prebuilt
  1. Install Bower:
npm install -g bower
  1. Install Electron Builder

Electron Builder is used behind the scenes. Read their instructions on how to set up your system.

  1. Install Docker


  1. Clone repository:
git clone
  1. Go to the wallet-packager directory:
cd wallet-packager
  1. Install other repo's:
git clone
git clone

Note: iri project does not exist yet -- make an IRI directory manually and place IRI.jar in it.

  1. Install components
npm install
  1. Build package:
npm run dist

If you'd like to create a package only for a specific OS, you can do so like this:

npm run dist:win
npm run dist:mac
npm run dist:lin

Note: snap only builds on Linux for now, if you're building on another system, remove it from package.json.