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Simplistic tangle address tool. It acts as an Address Monitor. Fully Client Side. Hosted on IPFS
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Latest Update ! Currently hosted on IPFS linked from '' will direct to the ipfs version.

- Better update.
- Restructured code, must more proper functionality with restorations.
- All client side code
- (Will restore properly in sequence with callbacks)
- Small refresh of some design
- Uses stripped out exact components from iotalib.js just for proper iota address checksums
- Uses 2 source targets from community sites for public nodes, thanks to the sources listed on the page!

=                       IOTABalance v1.0.2-beta Release                             =
=                             Local Web Edition                                     =
=                           Date: November 13th 2018                                =
=                          Mockup Designer: Navin.R                                 =
=                             Author: Michael.S                                     =
=                                  |iotaos|                                         =
=                 This is the Local Web Edition of IOTABalance.                     =
=                 Launch by opening the "IOTABalance.html" file.                    =
=                This is located inside the Folder "IOTABalance".                   =
=                This is a simplistic tangle address lookup tool.                   =
=                    It supports multiple appending queries.                        =
=               It acts as an address monitor, saving & restoring.                  =
=               Default setting is randomized full-node selection.                  =
=                 Custom IRI selection can override the default.                    =
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