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IoTeX SDK in Java. (formerly: IoTeX Android SDK)
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IoTeX Antenna Java


Welcome to the official Java implementation of IoTeX Antenna Java! IoTeX is building the next generation of the decentralized network for IoT powered by scalability- and privacy-centric blockchains. Please refer to IoTeX whitepaper for details.

Get started

Install By Maven


Install by Gradle

implementation 'com.github.iotexproject:iotex-antenna-java:0.5.4'


// create account from private key
Account account = IotexAccount.create(IotexAccountTest.TEST_PRIVATE);
IOTX iotx = new IOTX("");

// create KeyStore file
KeystoreFile walletFile = Keystore.createStandard("123456", Numeric.toBigInt(account.privateKey()));

// transfer
TransferRequest request = new TransferRequest();
request.setNonce(1l); // optional, can be null
request.setGasLimit(100000l); // optional, can be null
request.setGasPrice("1000000000000"); // optional, can be null
request.setPayload("68656c6c6f20776f726c6421"); // optional, can be null

String hash = iotx.sendTransfer(request);

// contract deploy
Contract contract = new Contract(iotx.currentProvider(), CONTRACT_ABI, Numeric.hexStringToByteArray(CONTRACT_BIN));
String hash = contract.deploy(null, 100000l, "1000000000000", account, "0", 5);

// contract execute
Contract contract = new Contract(provider, CONTRACT_ADDRESS, CONTRACT_ABI);
String hash = contract.execute(null, 100000l, "1000000000000", account, "set", "0", 10);
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