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This doc will guide you how to claim rewards and distribute to your voters. Here's a sneak peek of all the topics this guide will cover:


Before moving onto any of the following sections, please install our ioctl and bookkeeper commandline tool

Install ioctl Tool

ioctl is a tool to create/manage IoTeX address and interact with our mainnet Blockchain. For more details, please refer to How to install ioctl

After installation, be sure to point to our mainnet secure endpoint by running the following in terminal:

ioctl config set endpoint

Import Your Account

We recommend that you use the ioctl tool to create your IoTeX Rewards/Beneficiary address. If your IoTeX address is created using the ioctl tool, skip the rest in this subsection. Otherwise, if your IoTeX address is mapped from your ETH address, you need to import the ETH address's private key in order to manage the IoTeX address.

Rest assured that the ioctl tool does not store your private key in cleartext, the key is imported in an encrypted format using Ethereum's keystore package and protected by a password set by you. To import your account, run the following command in the terminal:

ioctl account import ${account_name}

For example, if you want to name your account as my_primary_account, you can type:

ioctl account import my_primary_account

After hitting Enter, you will be prompted to enter your private key. Copy your ETH private key (a hex string) and paste it (it won't show up on the screen); hit Enter you will be prompted to set password. Enter a strong password, hit Enter you will be prompted to re-enter password, enter the same password, hit Enter you will see

New account #my_primary_account is created. Keep your password, or you will lose your private key.

Check Your Balance

Run the following command in terminal to query the balance in your address:

ioctl account balance ${io_address|account_name}

For example, you can use the following command to check the balance of your account my_primary_account:

ioctl account balance my_primary_account

You will find your balance in IOTX in the output.

Install bookkeeper Tool

bookkeeper is a reward distribution tool provided by IoTeX Foundation to assist calculation of reward tokens for voters. To install, run the following command in terminal:

curl -Ss | sh

Download the config yaml for our mainnet to the directory you want to store the csv files exported by the bookkeeper tool.

Claim Rewards

All Delegate Rewards (block rewards, epoch bonus reward, foundation bonus) will be sent to your rewards address as “unclaimed rewards”. You must claim these rewards from the blockchain before you can swap/distribute them. The rewards will remain “unclaimed” until you claim them with the following steps.

Query Your Unclaimed Rewards

Run the following command in terminal to query the unclaimed rewards in your account:

ioctl node reward ${io_address|account_name}

You will find the unclaimed reward amount in IOTX in the output.

Claim Your Rewards

To claim your reward, run in terminal:

ioctl action claim ${amount_in_iotx} -l 10000 -p 1 -s ${io_address|name}

For example, if you want ot claim 1200 IOTX from your account my_primary_account, you can type the following command:

ioctl action claim 1200 -l 10000 -p 1 -s my_primary_account

If your claim is successful, you will notice an increase of the balance in your account.

Swap to Ethereum ERC20 Token

We provide a service to swap the IoTeX mainnet coin to the IoTeX Network ERC20 token via a lock contract io1pcg2ja9krrhujpazswgz77ss46xgt88afqlk6y.

The abi of this lock contract is available here

Swap IOTX Coin to the Lock Contract

To invoke with the lock contract, run the following command in terminal:

ioctl action invoke io1pcg2ja9krrhujpazswgz77ss46xgt88afqlk6y ${amount} -s ${io_address|account_name} -l 400000 -p 1 -b d0e30db0

The amount in the command should be equal to the amount you want to swap plus a fee (20 IOTX). For example, if you want to swap 30000 IOTX from you account my_primary_account, you can input:

ioctl action invoke io1pcg2ja9krrhujpazswgz77ss46xgt88afqlk6y 30020 -s my_primary_account -l 400000 -p 1 -b d0e30db0

You will be prompted to enter password, then enter yes to confirm.

Note: The lock contract has imposed a minimum amount of 1020 and maximum 1,000,020 IOTX. Amount not in this range will automatically be rejected. The contract will charge 20 tokens as gas fee for each swap, so the minimum/maximum range is to help user make swap in an economical way.

Due to this reason, do not transfer the total balance in the IoTeX address, that will be rejected (because that won't leave enough balance to cover the gas fee). We suggest leave about ~100 tokens in the IoTeX address so you will have enough balance to cover gas fee and use it next time.

Please keep the transaction hash of your transfer for future reference, especially in the rare case that the ERC20 token transfer failed and you request for a re-issue.

Check Received ERC20 Token

Each IoTeX address is by itself associated with an ETH address, which shares the same private key.

Use the ioctl command line tool to get the ETH address associated with your IoTeX address, run the following command in terminal:

ioctl account ethaddr ${io_address|account_name}

For example, to get the ETH address of your account my_primary_account:

ioctl account ethaddr my_primary_account

You will find your IoTeX address and the corresponding ETH address in the output. Then you can check the ETH address on to verify the IoTeX Network ERC20 tokens you have received.

Distribution to Voters

To distribute rewards to your voters, you need to first export the distribution with bookkeeper, and then send out tokens with some multi-send tool or send them one by one.

Export Distribution with bookkeeper

You can use the bookkeeper tool to calculate voters' rewards. The usage is:

bookkeeper --bp BP_NAME --start START_EPOCH_NUM --to END_EPOCH_NUM --percentage PERCENTAGE [--with-foundation-bonus] [--endpoint IOTEX_ENDPOINT] [--CONFIG CONFIG_FILE]

For example, delegate xyz wants to distribute 90% of its reward from epoch 24 to epoch 48. To distribute Epoch Reward only:

bookkeeper --bp xyz --start 24 --to 48 --percentage 90

To distribute Foundation Bonus in addition to Epoch Reward:

bookkeeper --bp xyz --start 24 --to 48 --percentage 90 --with-foundation-bonus

The result will be saved to file epoch_24_to_48.csv, with the first column as the voter address, and the second column as the reward in Rau the corresponding voter will get. This csv file will be used in the next step MultiSend tool where the rewards are actually distributed to your voters.

Export Distribution with bookkeeping GraphQL web interface

You can use our GraphQL interface tool to get the reward distributions. The usage is:

query {
  delegate(startEpoch: START_EPOCH_NUMBER, epochCount: EPOCH_COUNT, delegateName: DELEGATE_NAME){
    bookkeeping(percentage: PERCENTAGE_OF_DISTRIBUTION, includeFoundationBonus: WHETHER_DISTRIBUTE_FOUNDATION_BONUS){

Note that you can add the optional return field exist as above to check wether the delegate has bookkeeping information within the specified epoch range. Specifying the optional argument pagination would only show you part of the reward distribution list while the optional return field count would tell the total number of reward distributions. If you don't specify pagination argument, by default you will get the complete reward distribution list sorted by voter's ETH address.

Once you specify all the arguments and return information, click the PLAY button, and you will see the reward information on the right. Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 4 52 48 PM

You can find the GraphQL web tool here.

Send ERC20 Tokens to Voters

To send tokens to your voters, you may choose one of the following tools

IoTeX MultiSend Tool

multi-send is a tool developed by IoTeX Foundation to send IOTX tokens on Ethereum to multi accounts. To use this tool, you need to sign into Metamask. After that, paste the csv file from the above step into "Recipients and Amounts". After clicking the button "Distribute ERC-20 IOTX", follow instructions from Metamask to finish sending tokens.

Note: A fee in ETH will be charged automatically.

Third Party MultiSend Tool

You can also try some third party multi-send tools, e.g.,

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