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Testnet Beta (codename: Epik)

  1. TBC (Transactions, Block & Chain)
  • Bech32-encoded address
  • Serialization and deserialize of messages on the wire
  • Merkle tree
  • Actions, transfers, votes, blocks and chain
  • Fast and reliable blockchain/state storage via BoltDB and DB transaction support
  • Improved block sync from network peers
  • Basic framework for script and VM
  • Account/state layer built on top of Merkle Patricia tree
  • Voting and unvoting for block producer candidates
  • New account-based action pool
  • Initial implementation of secure keystore of private keys
  • Initial integration with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), smart contracts (Solidity)
  1. Network
  • Efficient gossip protocol over TLS
  • Broadcast & unicast semantics
  • Seeding through network config
  • Rate-limit requests per connection
  • Peer discovery
  • Large-scale simulation and load test
  1. Consensus
  • Framework for plugable consensus
  • Standalone and NOOP schemes
  • Full implementation of FSM-based Roll-DPoS
  • Full integration with delegates pool
  • Roll-DPoS simulator
  • Initial implementation of random beacon
  1. Clients
  • Full implementation of JSON RPC
  • UI Design and backend implementation of explorer
  • Command line console
  • Basic wallet
  1. Crypto
  • libsect283 -- lightweight crypto library, with cgo binding
  • libtblsmnt -- complete BLS signature parameterization and implementation, with cgo binding
  • Implementation of distributed key generation (DKG) with cgo binding
  1. Testing & Integration & Deployment
  • Improved action injection and address generation tools
  • Work-preserving restart
  • Dockerization of IoTeX server
  • Large-scale testnet deployment via Kubernetes
  • Unit test coverage ~70%
  • Thorough integration tests
  • Enhancement of existing features, performance and robustness