Official wallet of IoTeX blockchain!
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LICENSE Initial setup for iotex-wallet Nov 20, 2018


Wallet Service for IoTeX blockchain.

Minimum requirements

Components Version Description
Golang >= 1.10.2 The Go Programming Language

Setup Dev Environment

mkdir -p ~/go/src/
cd ~/go/src/
git clone
cd iotex-wallet

Install Go dependency management tool from golang dep first and then

dep ensure --vendor-only

make fmt; make build

Note: If your Dev Environment is in Ubuntu, you need to export the following Path:


Run unit tests

make test

Run wallet server with default configurations

make run to start wallet server

Run wallet server with customized configurations


You can use command line flags to customize the wallet server.


Default flag values:

  • port=:42124
  • exp-addr=""
  • reward-floor=5
  • reward-ceiling=10
  • retry-num=5
  • retry-interval=1
  • creator-pubkey=""
  • creator-prikey=""

Note: Since both creator-pubkey and creator-prikey are not set by default, you may have to manually configure them using an existing account with sufficient balance of EIOTX.

Deploy w/ Docker Image

Please first install Docker:

You may want to modify the last line of Dockerfile in the pattern of CMD ["iotex-wallet-server", "param1", "param2"] to preset configurations of wallet server before building a docker.

To build a docker image,

make docker

Add SKIP_DEP=true to skip re-installing dependencies via dep.

To run a docker image,

docker run $USER/iotex-wallet-go:latest