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IoT HTTP Webcam Honeypot


This is the Python web application honeypot made by the FYP Group 63.

General approach:

  • 3 way integration between the webserver, nginx, the python script framework, and the motion ip camera module
  • Using nginx, the team set up a webpage that looks like an authentic ip camera control panel page.
  • The script logs any actions done on the webpage and to the protocol. It also captures any file uploads made to the server in a non-executable, non-readable folder.
  • The motion ip camera module is used to show real-time footage from the connected camera, to provide additional bait.
  • Nginx runs on port 80, to simulate a normal webserver. It uses iframe to livestream the motion ip camera footage, which runs on port 888. When a attacker/user tries to authenticate themselves to gain access to the camera controls, they will be redirected to port 8000, which is where the python script runs.


Installation instructions can be found in the README.txt that's also in the repository.

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