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IOTile Analytics

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  • Core Package: PyPI PyPI
  • Interactive Widgets: PyPI PyPI
  • Offline Host: PyPI PyPI

An open-source data science package for interacting with data stored on

  • [Requirements][requirements]
  • [Installation][installation]
    • [(optional) Jupyter Setup][optional-jupyter-setup]
    • [(optional) Interactive Widgets][optional-interactive-widgets]
    • [(optional) Windows Python Installation][optional-windows-python-installation]
    • [(optional) Using Docker][optional-using-docker]
  • [Basic Usage][basic-usage]
  • [Documentation][documentation]


  • Python 2.7+ or Python 3.5+
  • Any platform supported by python with all of the required dependencies
  • Ideally a working Jupyter installation for analysis though that is not required.

This package requires the following standard python data analysis packages:

  • numpy
  • pandas

They are installed automatically when you install iotile_anlytics but if you are running on Windows, you may want to download a prebuilt python distribution since that's easier to install than trying to compile everything.


pip install iotile_analytics

(optional) Jupyter Setup

If you're not familiar with the Jupyter Interactive Computing program, you can read more about it at or you can install it quickly using:

pip install jupyter

Running is as simple as:

jupyter notebook

There is also Quickstart Guide

(optional) Interactive Widgets

Some operations can take awhile to complete depending on how much data you have to fetch from To support showing progress bars in Jupyter Notebook you need to install IPyWidgets:

pip install ipywidgets
jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix widgetsnbextension
jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix bqplot

(optional) Windows Python Installation

If you are on Windows and don't have a good python interpreter, one potentially good option would be Anaconda. It has prebuilt versions of all of the standard packages.

(optional) Using Docker

Docker is a good alternative to avoid installing the different dependencies. Use the IOTile Analytics Docker image to run the Jupyter server or stand alone python scripts. See Docker Image README.

Basic Usage

This package is best used in combination with a Jupyter Notebook for interactive data analysis using data pulled from

TODO: Add example usage here


TODO: Add link to readthedocs


Data science bridge package for analyzing data using jupyter, pandas and numpy



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