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Koushik4082 and Nathan Heldt-Sheller [IOT-3055]Fixed Handle collection resource payload
Fixed Handle collection resource payload for all interfaces
And also fixed batch interface for normal respources

Change-Id: I35c11597f2f55d1e3d40317209fe127cdd076d46
Signed-off-by: koushik.girijala <>
Latest commit 2d03628 Oct 22, 2018
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bridging Merge branch '1.4-rel' (758fc4a) Sep 21, 2018
build_common valgrind default switched to off. Aug 22, 2018
cloud cloud: Update dependency Nov 1, 2018
examples examples/OCFSecure: Add ARTIK board Sep 28, 2018
extlibs Build extlibs libs straight to destination Aug 23, 2018
java build: Remove duplicated -Werror Sep 4, 2018
plugins Merge branch '1.4-rel' (455c136) Sep 13, 2018
resource [IOT-3055]Fixed Handle collection resource payload Nov 14, 2018
service Add doxygen comments for simulator Sep 25, 2018
tools Update vagrant build Sep 4, 2018
.ctags Add ctags options for scons files Aug 31, 2017
.gbs.conf tizen: Use tag and not upstream branch Apr 24, 2017
.gitattributes IOT-2399 Normalize run.bat line ending to CRLF Jan 19, 2018
.gitignore ignore: generated files from debian Jul 10, 2018
.gitreview Add gitreview File Nov 23, 2016 Add Jan 11, 2018 Align license file Mar 28, 2018 build: Remove tinydtls library Feb 23, 2017
README-building-and-running-remote-access-sample.txt doc: Install chrpath Jul 24, 2018 Add a to give clearer guidance to github users. Apr 4, 2017
Readme.scons.txt Add 'webos' into the target OS list Jun 15, 2018
SConstruct Added OCF secure apps in examples/OCFSecure May 15, 2018 Separate non-core tizen builds for Jenkins Oct 21, 2018 IOT-1091: Add Aug 3, 2016
extra_options.scons build: Reformat build_common SConscripts Jun 28, 2017 tizen: Add support for Tizen:4:Unified (x86_64) Jul 4, 2017 build: Install headers to iotivity namespace Oct 28, 2017 build: Use whereis instead of which Apr 24, 2017
run.bat Windows: Enable UWP to be built on master Nov 7, 2017
scons_script_how_to.txt Remove arduino support 3/3 Jan 2, 2018

The IoTivity project

IoTivity is an open source software framework enabling seamless device-to-device connectivity to address the emerging needs of the Internet of Things.

The project is described on and

The IoTivity project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Components used by the project are described in

To become a contributor, start by reading which describes project governance, contribution guidelines and obtaining an account.

The master git location for IoTivity projects is gated by an instance of the Gerrit reviewing system, such that pushing a change in git is intercepted by Gerrit and presented as a review page. The process of setting up and using Gerrit for IoTivity is documented in a pair of wiki pages:

The issue tracker for the project lives at

Note: if you are reading this file from a source other than the official repository, for example on the Github mirror, please be aware that work happens relative to the official location. For example, github pull requests and issue filings are very unlikely to be acted upon, or even seen, by project participants.