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# strlen_count Trace strlen() and print a frequency count of strings.
# For Linux, uses BCC, eBPF. Embedded C.
# Written as a basic example of BCC and uprobes.
# Also see strlensnoop.
# Copyright 2016 Netflix, Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License")
from __future__ import print_function
from bcc import BPF
from bcc.utils import printb
from time import sleep
# load BPF program
b = BPF(text="""
#include <uapi/linux/ptrace.h>
struct key_t {
char c[80];
BPF_HASH(counts, struct key_t);
int count(struct pt_regs *ctx) {
if (!PT_REGS_PARM1(ctx))
return 0;
struct key_t key = {};
u64 zero = 0, *val;
bpf_probe_read_user(&key.c, sizeof(key.c), (void *)PT_REGS_PARM1(ctx));
// could also use `counts.increment(key)`
val = counts.lookup_or_try_init(&key, &zero);
if (val) {
return 0;
b.attach_uprobe(name="c", sym="strlen", fn_name="count")
# header
print("Tracing strlen()... Hit Ctrl-C to end.")
# sleep until Ctrl-C
except KeyboardInterrupt:
# print output
print("%10s %s" % ("COUNT", "STRING"))
counts = b.get_table("counts")
for k, v in sorted(counts.items(), key=lambda counts: counts[1].value):
printb(b"%10d \"%s\"" % (v.value, k.c))