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Python Tutorial Series

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This workshop series is sponsored by Iowa Social Science Research Center at the University of Iowa. You can also check out other interesting workshops here.

This is a public repository for Jupyter notebooks with introductory tutorials in different aspects of Python programming. Please star us if you think it is useful: GitHub stars


Continuously growing... Last updated 10-28-2018

Additionally, we also have a tutorial on Bash πŸ’»!



There are many different ways of making use of publica Github repositories. Plese feel free to clone this repo to have everything onto your local machine. Some helpful tutorials on Git/Github πŸ“–:

Running on Azure❗

Thanks to Microsoft's great and generous move, we are now hosting all these notebooks on Azure platform. Now you can play with the notebooks on their server ☁️ without having things installed on your own laptop.

To do this, you can either click on the last badge above (the one says launch azurenb) or click on the link above. Then you can click on any of the notebooks to start!


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