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KomodoOcean (komodo-qt)

Komodo-Qt (KomodoOcean) is a world-first Qt native wallet for KMD (Komodo) and all of assetchains. It's available for three OS platforms - Windows, Linux, MacOS.

NB! This repo have three branches:

Visit #wallet-ocean-qt channel in Komodo Discord for more information.

System requirements

  • Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit) based PC.
  • At least 4 Gb of free RAM (8 or 16 Gb physical RAM recommended).
  • About ~10-15 Gb of storage space to sync full blockchain (SSD drive is recommended)

Before you start create the following configuration file, named komodo.conf in %APPDATA%\Komodo folder:


And download following files in %APPDATA%\ZcashParams folder:

Also you can use fetch-params.cmd batch file in release folder to download all needed automatically.

If you already have installed Agama Wallet - you already have all needed.

For more information about Komodo Platform, please visit official site: .

Komodo-Qt (KomodoOcean) wallet also have official channel in Komodo Discord - #wallet-ocean-qt. If you have any questions or just want to be a part of community, please join.

Project Status

Currenly komodo-qt is under developement. Use it at your own risk - do not use for mining or merchant applications, also we don't recommend now to use it with your main wallet. Before use you can copy your main wallet.dat in a secure place or use -datadir command-line key to select other data folder for use with komodo-qt.


  • Native QT wallet written in C/C++ and Rust (librustzcash library).
  • Receiving and sending coins.
  • Extended coin control features, selecting "Inputs..." (UTXOs) when sending coins.
  • Supporting assetchains (launch KomodoOceanGUI.exe with needed -ac_name, -ac_supply and -addnode command-line keys to launch wallet on needed assetchain or use existing batch files in repo).
  • Sapling support.

Existing issues:

  • You tell us ... ;)

How to build?

System requirements:

1. Download and install all needed software. Qt should be installed into it's default path C:\Qt\Qt5.9.2 .

1a. Don't forget to select msvc2015 64-bit component during install:

2. Clone sources repository using git clone or git clone .

3. Make sure that you are on Windows (master) branch git checkout master .

4. Unpack the content of KomodoOcean\depends\ archive in KomodoOcean\depends folder:

5. Launch Qt Creator and choose Open Project. Navigate to KomodoOcean directory and open project file.

5a. Make sure that Build directory in Projects -> Build Settings corresponds to your project path (for example C:\Distr\KomodoOcean, this is a folder in which we clone repo).

6. Select Build -> Build Project "KomodoOceanGUI" from Top Menu or press Ctrl-B to start build.

7. After build is finished you will see KomodoOceanGUI.exe in release folder.

Congratulations! You built Komodo-Qt (KomodoOcean) for Windows. Now you can run it.


This repo has prebuilt version (rustzcash.lib) of librustzcash library. If you want to build it by yourself, follow next steps:

1. Install Rust language for Windows, you'll need x86_64-pc-windows-msvc version.

2. Add %USERPROFILE%\.cargo\bin in %PATH% environment variable after install.

3. If you have https -> ssh substitution in your .gitconfig, like :

[url "ssh://"]
insteadOf =

You'll need to add following lines in .cargo/config file:

git-fetch-with-cli = true

To get rust work correctly with ssh connection, otherwise you will have "error authenticating: failed connecting agent; class=Ssh (23)" and "attempted ssh-agent authentication, but none of the usernames git succeeded" errors, during download rust deps.

If you don't set-up any substitutions https -> ssh for git earlier, no additional actions required.

4. Clone librustzcash repo and build library:

git clone
cd librustzcash
cargo build # to build debug version
cargo build --release  # to build release version

Your *.lib will be available in target/(release/debug) folders relatively.

Developers of Qt wallet

  • Main developer: Ocean
  • IT Expert / Sysengineer: Decker


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