IP2Proxy Node.js module allows users to query an IP address to determine if it was being used as open proxy, web proxy, VPN anonymizer and TOR exits.
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IP2Proxy Node.js Module

This module allows user to query an IP address if it was being used as open proxy, web proxy, VPN anonymizer and TOR exits. It lookup the proxy IP address from IP2Proxy BIN Data file. This data file can be downloaded at


To install this module type the following:

npm install ip2proxy-nodejs


Below are the methods supported in this class.

Method Name Description
Open Open the IP2Proxy BIN data for lookup.
Close Close and clean up the file pointer.
getPackageVersion Get the package version (1 to 4 for PX1 to PX4 respectively).
getModuleVersion Get the module version.
getDatabaseVersion Get the database version.
isProxy Check whether if an IP address was a proxy. Returned value:
  • -1 : errors
  • 0 : not a proxy
  • 1 : a proxy
  • 2 : a data center IP address
getAll Return the proxy information in an object.
getProxyType Return the proxy type. Please visit IP2Location for the list of proxy types supported
getCountryShort Return the ISO3166-1 country code (2-digits) of the proxy.
getCountryLong Return the ISO3166-1 country name of the proxy.
getRegion Return the ISO3166-2 region name of the proxy. Please visit ISO3166-2 Subdivision Code for the information of ISO3166-2 supported
getCity Return the city name of the proxy.
getISP Return the ISP name of the proxy.


var ip2proxy = require("ip2proxy-nodejs");

	ip = '';
	console.log("GetModuleVersion: " + ip2proxy.getModuleVersion());
	console.log("GetPackageVersion: " + ip2proxy.getPackageVersion());
	console.log("GetDatabaseVersion: " + ip2proxy.getDatabaseVersion());
	// functions for individual fields
	console.log("isProxy: " + ip2proxy.isProxy(ip));
	console.log("ProxyType: " + ip2proxy.getProxyType(ip));
	console.log("CountryShort: " + ip2proxy.getCountryShort(ip));
	console.log("CountryLong: " + ip2proxy.getCountryLong(ip));
	console.log("Region: " + ip2proxy.getRegion(ip));
	console.log("City: " + ip2proxy.getCity(ip));
	console.log("ISP: " + ip2proxy.getISP(ip));

	// function for all fields
	var all = ip2proxy.getAll(ip);
	console.log("isProxy: " + all.Is_Proxy);
	console.log("ProxyType: " + all.Proxy_Type);
	console.log("CountryShort: " + all.Country_Short);
	console.log("CountryLong: " + all.Country_Long);
	console.log("Region: " + all.Region);
	console.log("City: " + all.City);
	console.log("ISP: " + all.ISP);
else {
	console.log("Error reading BIN file.");