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A .NET SDK enables user to easily implement the checking of WHOIS information for a particular domain into their solution using the API from


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This .NET library enables user to easily implement the checking of WHOIS information for a particular domain into their solution using the API from It is a WHOIS lookup api that helps users to obtain domain information, WHOIS record, by using a domain name. The WHOIS API returns a comprehensive WHOIS data such as creation date, updated date, expiration date, domain age, the contact information of the registrant, mailing address, phone number, email address, nameservers the domain is using and much more. IP2WHOIS supports the query for 1113 TLDs and 634 ccTLDs.

This library requires an API key to function. You may sign up for a free API key at


Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 or later.


Usage Example

Lookup Domain Information

using Newtonsoft.Json;
using IP2WhoisComponent;

// Configures IP2WHOIS API key
string ApiKey = "YOUR_API_KEY";

IP2Whois Whois = new IP2Whois();


string domain = "";

// Lookup domain information
var MyTask = Whois.Lookup(domain); // async API call

	var MyObj = MyTask.Result;

	// pretty-print JSON
	Console.WriteLine(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(MyObj, Formatting.Indented));

	// individual fields
	Console.WriteLine("domain: {0}", MyObj["domain"]);
	Console.WriteLine("domain_id: {0}", MyObj["domain_id"]);
	Console.WriteLine("status: {0}", MyObj["status"]);
	Console.WriteLine("create_date: {0}", MyObj["create_date"]);
	Console.WriteLine("update_date: {0}", MyObj["update_date"]);
	Console.WriteLine("expire_date: {0}", MyObj["expire_date"]);
	Console.WriteLine("domain_age: {0}", MyObj["domain_age"]);
	Console.WriteLine("whois_server: {0}", MyObj["whois_server"]);

	var Registrar = MyObj["registrar"];
	Console.WriteLine("registrar => iana_id: {0}", Registrar["iana_id"]);
	Console.WriteLine("registrar => name: {0}", Registrar["name"]);
	Console.WriteLine("registrar => url: {0}", Registrar["url"]);

	var Registrant = MyObj["registrant"];
	Console.WriteLine("registrant => name: {0}", Registrant["name"]);
	Console.WriteLine("registrant => organization: {0}", Registrant["organization"]);
	Console.WriteLine("registrant => street_address: {0}", Registrant["street_address"]);
	Console.WriteLine("registrant => city: {0}", Registrant["city"]);
	Console.WriteLine("registrant => region: {0}", Registrant["region"]);
	Console.WriteLine("registrant => zip_code: {0}", Registrant["zip_code"]);
	Console.WriteLine("registrant => country: {0}", Registrant["country"]);
	Console.WriteLine("registrant => phone: {0}", Registrant["phone"]);
	Console.WriteLine("registrant => fax: {0}", Registrant["fax"]);
	Console.WriteLine("registrant => email: {0}", Registrant["email"]);

	var Admin = MyObj["admin"];
	Console.WriteLine("admin => name: {0}", Admin["name"]);
	Console.WriteLine("admin => organization: {0}", Admin["organization"]);
	Console.WriteLine("admin => street_address: {0}", Admin["street_address"]);
	Console.WriteLine("admin => city: {0}", Admin["city"]);
	Console.WriteLine("admin => region: {0}", Admin["region"]);
	Console.WriteLine("admin => zip_code: {0}", Admin["zip_code"]);
	Console.WriteLine("admin => country: {0}", Admin["country"]);
	Console.WriteLine("admin => phone: {0}", Admin["phone"]);
	Console.WriteLine("admin => fax: {0}", Admin["fax"]);
	Console.WriteLine("admin => email: {0}", Admin["email"]);

	var Tech = MyObj["tech"];
	Console.WriteLine("tech => name: {0}", Tech["name"]);
	Console.WriteLine("tech => organization: {0}", Tech["organization"]);
	Console.WriteLine("tech => street_address: {0}", Tech["street_address"]);
	Console.WriteLine("tech => city: {0}", Tech["city"]);
	Console.WriteLine("tech => region: {0}", Tech["region"]);
	Console.WriteLine("tech => zip_code: {0}", Tech["zip_code"]);
	Console.WriteLine("tech => country: {0}", Tech["country"]);
	Console.WriteLine("tech => phone: {0}", Tech["phone"]);
	Console.WriteLine("tech => fax: {0}", Tech["fax"]);
	Console.WriteLine("tech => email: {0}", Tech["email"]);

	var Billing = MyObj["billing"];
	Console.WriteLine("billing => name: {0}", Billing["name"]);
	Console.WriteLine("billing => organization: {0}", Billing["organization"]);
	Console.WriteLine("billing => street_address: {0}", Billing["street_address"]);
	Console.WriteLine("billing => city: {0}", Billing["city"]);
	Console.WriteLine("billing => region: {0}", Billing["region"]);
	Console.WriteLine("billing => zip_code: {0}", Billing["zip_code"]);
	Console.WriteLine("billing => country: {0}", Billing["country"]);
	Console.WriteLine("billing => phone: {0}", Billing["phone"]);
	Console.WriteLine("billing => fax: {0}", Billing["fax"]);
	Console.WriteLine("billing => email: {0}", Billing["email"]);

	Console.WriteLine("nameservers: {0}", MyObj["nameservers"]);
catch (Exception ex)

Convert Normal Text to Punycode

using IP2WhoisComponent;

// Convert normal text to punycode
string domain = "tä";

Convert Punycode to Normal Text

using IP2WhoisComponent;

// Convert punycode to normal text
string domain = "";

Get Domain Name

using IP2WhoisComponent;

// Get domain name from URL
string url = "";

Get Domain Extension

using IP2WhoisComponent;

// Get domain extension (gTLD or ccTLD) from URL or domain name
string str = "";

Response Parameter

Domain WHOIS Lookup function

Parameter Type Description
domain string Domain name.
domain_id string Domain name ID.
status string Domain name status.
create_date string Domain name creation date.
update_date string Domain name updated date.
expire_date string Domain name expiration date.
domain_age integer Domain name age in day(s).
whois_server string WHOIS server name.
registrar.iana_id string Registrar IANA ID. string Registrar name.
registrar.url string Registrar URL. string Registrant name.
registrant.organization string Registrant organization.
registrant.street_address string Registrant street address. string Registrant city.
registrant.region string Registrant region.
registrant.zip_code string Registrant ZIP Code. string Registrant country. string Registrant phone number.
registrant.fax string Registrant fax number. string Registrant email address. string Admin name.
admin.organization string Admin organization.
admin.street_address string Admin street address. string Admin city.
admin.region string Admin region.
admin.zip_code string Admin ZIP Code. string Admin country. string Admin phone number.
admin.fax string Admin fax number. string Admin email address. string Tech name.
tech.organization string Tech organization.
tech.street_address string Tech street address. string Tech city.
tech.region string Tech region.
tech.zip_code string Tech ZIP Code. string Tech country. string Tech phone number.
tech.fax string Tech fax number. string Tech email address. string Billing name.
billing.organization string Billing organization.
billing.street_address string Billing street address. string Billing city.
billing.region string Billing region.
billing.zip_code string Billing ZIP Code. string Billing country. string Billing phone number.
billing.fax string Billing fax number. string Billing email address.
nameservers array Name servers
	"domain": "",
	"domain_id": "1710914405_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN",
	"status": "clientTransferProhibited",
	"create_date": "2012-04-03T02:34:32Z",
	"update_date": "2021-12-03T02:54:57Z",
	"expire_date": "2024-04-03T02:34:32Z",
	"domain_age": 4055,
	"whois_server": "",
	"registrar": {
		"iana_id": "146",
		"name": ", LLC",
		"url": ""
	"registrant": {
		"name": "Registration Private",
		"organization": "Domains By Proxy, LLC",
		"street_address": "",
		"city": "Tempe",
		"region": "Arizona",
		"zip_code": "85284",
		"country": "US",
		"phone": "+1.4806242599",
		"fax": "+1.4806242598",
		"email": "Select Contact Domain Holder link at"
	"admin": {
		"name": "Registration Private",
		"organization": "Domains By Proxy, LLC",
		"street_address": "",
		"city": "Tempe",
		"region": "Arizona",
		"zip_code": "85284",
		"country": "US",
		"phone": "+1.4806242599",
		"fax": "+1.4806242598",
		"email": "Select Contact Domain Holder link at"
	"tech": {
		"name": "Registration Private",
		"organization": "Domains By Proxy, LLC",
		"street_address": "",
		"city": "Tempe",
		"region": "Arizona",
		"zip_code": "85284",
		"country": "US",
		"phone": "+1.4806242599",
		"fax": "+1.4806242598",
		"email": "Select Contact Domain Holder link at"
	"billing": {
		"name": "",
		"organization": "",
		"street_address": "",
		"city": "",
		"region": "",
		"zip_code": "",
		"country": "",
		"phone": "",
		"fax": "",
		"email": ""
	"nameservers": [


See the LICENSE file.


A .NET SDK enables user to easily implement the checking of WHOIS information for a particular domain into their solution using the API from