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Build Status License: AGPL v3

This tool is for building a trashmail service. It is suitable either for private networks (for example your company) or public services to provide temporary e-mail addresses to your users.

Public installation is at

Use Cases

Many services want you to provide a e-mail address. After providing that, you may get a lot of spam, they are calling that opt-out newsletters. Now this disposable e-mail tool helps you. If you registered somewhere for somewhat and do not like their newsletter you will get desired information and you can forget unsolicited newsletter.

How to support

If you are interested to support this project please set up a pull request. You may get access to our private Gitlab system then. Github is a mirror only due to security reasons, but it contains a exact copy of that private repository.


See /doc folder for further documentation.


This solution consists on at least 3 + 1 core services:

  • Trashmail2-Client (this tool) - this is a Web-GUI for retrieving e-mails
  • MongoDB - this is the storage medium for received e-mail
  • lmtp-server - for receiving e-mail. It is strongly recommended to set up a SMTP mailgateway in front of this server
  • smtp server - we recommend to use a Postfix server to receive mails from Internet, doing some filtering, routing etc. and relay them to lmtp-server

Provides a web gui for a disposable mail system. It is written in JavaScript/NodeJS and uses Express/PUG for templating.


File trashmail.json MUST contain line "configRuntime": "trashmail.runtime.json", for reference to runtime config. Please read Github wiki for further information.


  • Direct access to specific mail address by GET request
  • URL encoded as QR code available
  • Responsive design
  • PUG template (formerly Jade)
  • Supports mail attachments (configurable)
  • QRcode for mobile devices
  • If mail server supports DKIM it show DKIM status to user
  • International support.


Production: Works in a single production environment.


If you are using NodeJS without full libicu support you may consider to install full-icu. full-icu not found warning will tell you, what to to. If you are using nodejs from your Linux distribution you probably get a version with full libicu support, so you do not have to care about this. If warning does not appear do not install full-icu.

Other OS

  • Recommended: Systemd based Linux distribution
  • Should also work with FreeBSD, OpenBSD
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