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A package to bridge actions between ROS1 and ROS2.


  • Currently supports forwarding goals from ROS1 (melodic) action client to ROS2 (crystal) action server
  • As an example, implemented interfaces for the action bridge for FibonacciAction
    and FollowJointTrajectoryAction


(rosdep does not work properly with mixed ROS1 and ROS2 dependencies)

sudo apt install ros-melodic-actionlib ros-melodic-actionlib-tutorials ros-melodic-control-msgs ros-melodic-roscpp ros-crystal-control-msgs ros-crystal-example-interfaces ros-crystal-rclcpp ros-crystal-rclcpp-action

How to build:

Clone the repository in the src folder of your ROS2 workspace.

git clone

Since the package provides a bridge for FollowJointTrajectoryAction, which is part of the control_msgs, clone the package modified for ROS2.

git clone -b crystal-devel

Since action_bridge package depends on both ROS1 and ROS2, source both workspaces.

source /opt/ros/melodic/local_setup.bash
source /opt/ros/crystal/local_setup.bash
colcon build

Now you are ready to run the action_bridge!
Source this workspace to use the executeables built in the previous step.

source <path-to-workspace>/install/local_setup.bash

2 example executables are available:

  • action_bridge_fibonacci_node and
  • action_bridge_follow_joint_trajectory_node
    You can start one of these nodes in the following manner:
ros2 run action_bridge action_bridge_fibonacci_node


ros2 run action_bridge action_bridge_follow_joint_trajectory_node
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