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Tutorials for RecordIt

Build Status

Related packages

1. record_trajectory


>> See 3D animation

How to

  1. Install example

    # Optionally create a new ROS workspace
    mkdir -p ~/record_ws/src && cd ~/record_ws/src
    # Download repositories
    git clone
    wstool init .
    wstool merge ~/record_ws/src/robot_recorder_tutorial/.rosinstall
    wstool up
    # Build workspace
    source /opt/ros/kinetic/setup.bash
    rosdep update && rosdep install --from-paths ~/record_ws/src --ignore-src
    cd ~/record_ws && catkin build
    source ~/record_ws/devel/setup.bash
  2. Record example


    roslaunch record_trajectory record_auto.launch

    or (manual - with RViz plugin) TODO

    Files are saved to ~/.ros/test_animation/

  3. Create 3d web animation

    Make sure to download/install nodejs/npm from

    cd ~/.ros/test_animation/
    npm install # install all deps of the npm project
    cp -r ./node_modules/urdf-animation/template/* .
    npm start
  4. Create GIF

    In the webpage press Record recording at the control-box in upper right corner. Set quality (lower is better) and speed and then press record(). Done.

  5. Publish interactive web animation

    To publish the web animation you have to bundle the js files first:

    cd ~/.ros/test_animation/
    npm run build # Might show errors which should be fine
    firefox ~/.ros/test_animation/result/index.html # test

    The folder ./result has the self-contained webpage, which you can host e.g. on gh-pages.

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