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PCL 1.7 and electric compatibility:

-> use: svn co perception_pcl_unstable -> rosmake perception_pcl_unstable -> in perception_pcl_unstable/pcl/build/pcl_trunk/tools/CMakeLists.txt comment: PCL_ADD_EXECUTABLE(pcl_tiff2pcd ${SUBSYS_NAME} tiff2pcd.cpp) target_link_libraries(pcl_tiff2pcd pcl_common pcl_io) to provide support for older boost version -> in perception_pcl_unstable/pcl/build/pcl_trunk/features/CMakeLists.txt: uncomment all lines for RSD ( .../rsd.h, .../rsd.hpp, .../rsd.cpp)

Interface of MLS in PCL 1.7 has changed quite a bit. Therefore, the current programs using MLS require some fixes to work properly with 1.7.