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A primal-dual path following quadratic program solver for Matlab, with explicit offline factorization analysis. It is influenced by CVXOPT (coneqp) and CVXGEN. boxqp was written to enable Matlab simulation of MPC-style controllers and estimators, although it can solve any Quadratic Program (QP) of the form

minimize   (1/2)x'*P*x + q'*x
subject to A*x = b,     (dual var y)
           G*x + s = h, (dual var z >= 0)
           s >= 0.

with variables x, s and problem data P, q, A, b, G, and h.


Offline analysis


In its simplest form, boxqp can be called with the following syntax:

% set up convex problem
qp = struct;
qp.P = ...; qp.A = ...; qp.G = ...; % sparse matrices
qp.q = ...; qp.b = ...; qp.h = ...; % sparse or dense vectors

% solve problem
[fval, x, ws, status] = boxqp(qp);

To make use of structure we do the following:

% offline
qp  = make_mpc(A, B, z, xmin, xmax, umin, umax, Q, Qf, R, T);
ws0 = boxqp_initial(qp);
sd  = boxqp_analyze(qp, ws0);

% online
[fval, x, ws, status] = boxqp(qp, sd, ws0);
  1. make_mpc.m script that creates a QP description qp, which is a Matlab struct with fields
    • P, q, A, b, G, h
  2. boxqp_initial.m obtains an initial guess used in the path following method. The structure ws0 contains warm-start information.
  3. boxqp_analyze.m performs symbolic analysis of the KKT matrix and chooses the best fill-reducing permutation. The structure sd contains offline analysis information.
  4. boxqp.m the solver itself


This solver requires the command ldlsparse(..) which is available from the LDL package, a part of SuiteSparse.

Here is an installation procedure:

localhost$ wget
localhost$ tar xvzf SuiteSparse-4.5.2.tar.gz

then, within Matlab:

> cd SuiteSparse/LDL/MATLAB/
> ldl_install

This will make the command ldlsparse(..) available for the solver, enabling factorization caching. Use pathtool or addpath to add LDL to the Matlab path.


MPC problem, n = 8 (states), m = 4 (inputs), T = 20 (horizon)

Avg Solve time (ms) Rate (Hz)
naive CVX+sdpt3 2079.81 0.5
optimized CVX+sdpt3 422.88 2.4
boxqp (no structure) 21.44 46.6
boxqp (structure) 7.88 126.9
CVXGEN (Atom) 13 76.9
CVXGEN (i7) 0.97 1031


  • L. Vandenberghe The CVXOPT linear and quadratic cone program solvers [pdf]
  • J. Mattingley and S. Boyd. CVXGEN: A Code Generator for Embedded Convex Optimization. Optimization and Engineering, 13(1):1--27, 2012 [link].


A primal-dual path following quadratic program solver for Matlab



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