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<a id="installation"></a>

## Installation [πŸ”](#contents)
## Installation

> πŸ‘· The below install script has not been completed, so you'll have to do the good ol [StackOverflow]( if you want to expierment with any of the settings from this repo. 🚧
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<a id="file-structure"></a>

## File Structure [πŸ”](#contents)
## File Structure

> Certain files and folders have been omitted for brevity and security, most notably the `pack` directory that was poluting the **File Structure** with plugin files.
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<a id="useful-links"></a>
## Useful Links ___no particular order___ [πŸ”](#contents)
## Useful Links ___no particular order___

- [**Github** wincent/wincent](
- [**Github** mathiasbynenes/dotfiles](
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## TODOs [πŸ”](#contents)

- [x] ~~migrate all installed apps to be installed using homebrew / linuxbrew~~
- [ ] spend some time working with hammerspoon
- [x] ~~troubleshoot why italics isn't working in (n)vim.~~
- [ ] Write an install script for easy installation of dotfiles.
- [x] ~~Add a collection of inspirational dotfile repos.~~
- [x] ~~Add images in the lib dir of this repo to the .wiki submodule repo.~~
- [x] ~~Figure out why cloning the dotfiles repo is cloning the submodules with detached heads~~ see [this]( for detailed explanation.

### Neovim [πŸ”](#contents)
### Neovim

- [x] ~~Figure out a way to save fold settings across all open buffers when quiting Vim.~~
- [x] ~~Figure out why folds are only being saved / preserved for the last open buffer when quiting Vim πŸ€”~~
- [ ] Vim Sesssions, ~~Folds,~~ and Conceals will be the death of me πŸ’€
- [x] ~~don't create session files when launching a man page~~
- [x] ~~Figure out a sane solution for previewing markdown ie. .md documents~~
- [x] ~~Figure out what is causing lines to be hard wrapped! πŸ˜–~~

### Fish [πŸ”](#contents)

- [x] ~~Figure out why `grc` is borking PATH on Linux πŸ˜‘~~

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