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DeepFaceLab is the leading software for creating deepfakes.
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the leading software for creating deepfakes

More than 95% of deepfake videos are created with DeepFaceLab.

DeepFaceLab is used by such popular youtube channels as

Ctrl Shift Face VFXChris Ume
Sham00k Collider videos iFake NextFace

What can I do using DeepFaceLab?

Replace the face

Change political speech*

* also requires a skill in video editors such as Adobe After Effects or Davinci Resolve

Deepfake native resolution progress

Unfortunately, there is no "make everything ok" button in DeepFaceLab. You should spend time studying the workflow and growing your skills. A skill in programs such as AfterEffects or Davince Resolve is also desirable.


Windows github releases Direct download
Google drive if the download quota is exceeded, add the file to your own google drive and download from it
Google Colab github by @chervonij . You can train fakes for free using Google Colab.
CentOS Linux github by @elemantalcode
Linux github by @lbfs


Guides and tutorials
DeepFaceLab guide Main guide
Faceset creation guide How to create the right faceset
Google Colab guide Guide how to train the fake on Google Colab
Compositing To achieve the highest quality, compose deepfake manually in video editors such as Davince Resolve or Adobe AfterEffects
Discussion and suggestions
Supplementary material
Ready to work facesets Celebrity facesets made by community
Pretrained models Use pretrained models made by community to speed up training
Communication groups
telegram (English / Russian) Don't forget to hide your phone number
telegram (English only) Don't forget to hide your phone number
Русское сообщество
mrdeepfakes the biggest NSFW English community
reddit r/GifFakes/ Post your deepfakes there !
reddit r/SFWdeepfakes/ Post your deepfakes there !
QQ 951138799 中文 Chinese QQ group for ML/AI experts 中文学习站(非官方

How I can help the project?

Donate Sponsor deepfake research and DeepFaceLab development.
Donate via Paypal
Donate via Yandex.Money
Alipay 捐款
Last donations 50$ ( John Lee )
100$ ( The Mister Network )
50$ ( Tomas Hajka )
Collect facesets You can collect faceset of any celebrity that can be used in DeepFaceLab and share it in the community
Star this repo Register github account and push "Star" button.

Meme zone

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