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Build and Repository Info

DeepFaceLab officially supports Windows-only. If you want to support Mac/Linux/Docker - create a fork, it will be referenced here.

Linux fork by @lbfs

Installing dlib on Windows

The version of dlib in pip is compiled without CUDA support. Therefore you have to compile it manually in order to use the dlib face extractor.

Command line example for Windows: python install -G "Visual Studio 14 2015" --yes DLIB_USE_CUDA

CPU mode

It is possible to run from script for all stages using the --cpu-only flag. To run from script, install the separate dependencies for CPU mode using pip -r requirements-cpu.txt.

Please note that extraction and training will take much long without a GPU and performance will greatly suffer without one. In particular, do not use DLIB extractor in CPU mode, it's too slow to run without a GPU. Train only on 64px resolution models like H64 or SAE (with low settings) and the lightweight encoder.

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