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Available builds:

* DeepFaceLabCUDA9.2SSE - for NVIDIA cards up to GTX1080 and any 64-bit CPU
* DeepFaceLabCUDA9.2SSE - for NVIDIA cards and any 64-bit CPU

* DeepFaceLabCUDA10.1AVX - for NVIDIA cards up to RTX and CPU with AVX instructions support
* DeepFaceLabCUDA10.1AVX - for NVIDIA cards and CPU with AVX instructions support

* DeepFaceLabOpenCLSSE - for AMD/IntelHD cards and any 64-bit CPU

If your card does not work with CUDA 10.1 version, try CUDA 9.2.

Important: you don't need to install CUDA !

#### Video tutorials using prebuilt windows app

* [Basic workflow](

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tam96 commented on 2ecf603 Nov 8, 2019

Hi iperov!
I downloaded the latest DeepFake Lab but didn't have the 7.Convert H64 debug file

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