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## Repo is closed, because nobody interested to improve the technology, so I received only 700$ donations since january. I am sorry but I have to go make a money for a living. Feel free to start your own new deepfake software based on DFL. Good bye.


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## **DeepFaceLab** is a tool that utilizes machine learning to replace faces in videos.

If you like this software, please consider a donation.

GOAL: next DeepFacelab update.

[Donate via Yandex.Money](

[Donate via Paypal](

[Donate via Alipay](


- ### [Gallery](doc/gallery/

- ### Manuals:
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[deepfakes (Chinese)](

[deepfakes (Chinese) (outdated) ](

[reddit (English)](

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commented on fb9fd8c Jun 19, 2019

does this mean repo is back open?

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