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google_maps_3 #7

wants to merge 166 commits into from

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ealonso and others added some commits
@ealonso ealonso LPS-26086 & SOS-937 3005f1b
@ealonso ealonso SOS-927 & SOS-957 db853b1
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-1004 Consistency a86fe2a
@ealonso ealonso SOS-972 ec7fb6c
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-972 Source formatting b3c0f36
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-972 Source formatting 6880f68
@lionah lionah SOS-972 Source formatting 626fbab
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-972 Language keys 9f5299b
@hhuijser hhuijser Source formatting - remove imports that are in same package ae17d1d
@hhuijser hhuijser LPS-26094 Source formatting 6929a09
@hhuijser hhuijser SOS-822 Source formatting 51aa5a1
@hhuijser hhuijser SOS-1004 Source formatting ff5b507
@kevincho kevincho Marketplace App Icons 160f6c9
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Releng regenerate 37cd071
@ivicac ivicac LPS-26325 Cannot view the DDL record in control panel c68251b
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26325 Source formatting 01108aa
@epgarcia epgarcia LPS-26495 API Improvements for Localization - Regenerated Plugins ddea125
@jonathantneal jonathantneal LPS-26544 95e1d4a
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh LPS-26544 - Source formatting 888f106
@jonathantneal jonathantneal LPS-26544 d9a85f3
@jonathantneal jonathantneal LPS-26544 129ac58
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26544 Remove unused files a1d3d80
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26544 Remove unused and make file names consistent 8039913
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26544 Minor source formatting 46dbae2
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26544 Add gitignore fa5b41a
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26544 Move documents 414a021
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-992 Fix for permissioning icons 71fc15e
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-992 & SOS-931 Fixing Highlighting issue fb01efc
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-909 Renamed to fit the width e9c811b
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-992 Source formatting d2f51d8
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-909 Regenerate ee9fc68
@shinnlok shinnlok LPS-26680 Self assigned value not set 7ada34c
@lionah lionah LPS-26680 Ran "ant format-source" 1101847
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26745 82444da
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1015 4e4c49b
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-1015 Source formatting 8f2a8b1
@ealonso ealonso SOS-948 dfce5a3
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-948 Source formatting 9bbf675
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-948 Source formatting f0f168d
@shinnlok shinnlok LPS-26544 Import DL files 4e26efa
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26544 Source formatting 9abd3c6
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-1019 Adding one more method for Liferay Synch. reutrn an array of…
… groupids.
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-1019 Generated de1e939
@lionah lionah SOS-1019 Source formatting fd0dfeb
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-1019 Source formatting 9eff4f4
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1015 Fix Source Format 3ae3046
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-1015 Use the XML ? 26ece4c
@ealonso ealonso SOS-979 & SOS-977 & SOS-976 149327d
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1013 a80dca8
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-979 64cb36f
@lionah lionah contacts-portlet, Source formatting dddb70e
@ealonso ealonso SOS-979 Change the languages keys of messages 6ec75a6
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-979 Source formatting d1db0eb
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-979 Source formatting dde8bba
@shuyangzhou shuyangzhou LPS-26799 Wrong init parameter for sample-jsp-portlet 4accbd1
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26261 Regenerate 57981c8
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26544 Import sitemap a14df49
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-26261 Apply changes to opensocial c5bf480
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26261 Regenerate 916fe58
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26261 Source formatting 8a8666f
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26544 Be smart and add a / if the user hasn't added one 9b82c45
@shinnlok shinnlok LPS-26828 Use template manager 37800e8
@hhuijser hhuijser LPS-26828 Source formatting f9440dc
@ngriffin7a ngriffin7a LPS-26848
V2MarkupServiceImpl.getRawContent(Http.Options) changes the jsessionid during ActionRequest in WSRP producer
@epgarcia epgarcia SOS-933 User can assign a task to a follower 6b19c15
@ealonso ealonso SOS-968 using "isSocialOfficeGroup" instead of "isSocialOfficeSite" 166029e
@lionah lionah SOS-968 Source formatting dec3972
@epgarcia epgarcia SOS-963 Summary Calendar Arrows 9b99bb8
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-963 We actually don't need the hook anymore. e8b751d
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1021 8c257b1
@ealonso ealonso SOS-797 ae7aa12
@ealonso ealonso SOS-797 Add init parameter cf95986
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-797 source formatting ee06022
@lionah lionah SOS-797 Source formatting 9fed70d
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1022 Improving the Join and Leave toggle button. 803431f
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1024 Restyling projects as par of list instead of labels b17ebf9
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-1022 Source formatting f9ea086
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh LPS-26879 - Clean up theme images directory 48b960a
@mhan810 mhan810 LPS-26886 - refactoring to use new template engine interfaces 4081e22
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26886 Source formatting 5ff529e
@shinnlok shinnlok LPS-26544 Update api call 856c4e0
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1007 Fix problem adding profile picture ff3a21c
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1007 add the functionality to edit Profile Picture, Name, and Job…
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1007 Fix problem with InstantMessenger complete profile button 3943e4b
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-1007 d487a0d
@lionah lionah SOS-1007 Source formatting 9c927c1
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26544 Disable creating a new site on every startup e140f49
Zsolt Berentey LPS-26936 Fix wrong method usage 722bb57
@ealonso ealonso SOS-692 49dd503
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-899 e17072d
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26987 883a6cc
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26987 60b2f69
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1000 Fixing star rating overflow for Chrome. a4a28bb
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-999 Added styling to accomodate much data in the version history 045d482
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1028 & SOS-922 Fixing logo eb86a96
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-999 Re-writing a solution to version history. 24edae5
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1042 483547d
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1041 f684987
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1041 Center the pop up 839da22
@ealonso ealonso SOS-995 141a589
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-995 format source bc497b5
@lionah lionah SOS-995 Ran "ant format-source" cf68b96
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-995 Make it work in all app servers by doing unicode="<%= true %>" 4602b92
@shinnlok shinnlok LPS-26923 PrincipalException when guests attempt to view 87fc9a2
@lionah lionah LPS-26988 Marketplace should consider if the server supports hot depl…
…oy of plugins
@ngriffin7a ngriffin7a LPS-26874
Support Ajax-based file upload for WSRP
@mikemanyoung mikemanyoung LPS-26874
Support Ajax-based file upload for WSRP
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26874 Source formatting 3165fbc
@caorongjin caorongjin LPS-26948 Fix JUnit 6de762b
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26948 cbd9925
@amosfong amosfong LPS-26991 a24a354
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26987 Split up javadocs.xml to javadocs-rt.xml and javadocs-all.xml 495d6ee
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26987 Allow user to override settings via command line 41b31ba
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1048 22187bb
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1048 Center and make modal pop up 09e59a6
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-1048 Format source 822a7a6
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-1048 Regenerate 3e0f928
@lionah lionah SOS-1048 Source formatting 71a14af
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-1048 Source formatting 32f3202
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-899 It's in 6.1.x now too, so no need for custom class 289db45
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1036 fixing site title line-height issue efa0c42
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1009 SOS-1025 Fixes for Blogs 2942217
@ealonso ealonso SOS-920 857848c
@ealonso ealonso SOS-920 Center the pop up 6121a75
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-920 format source e79f57b
@lionah lionah SOS-920 Source formatting c7f6f87
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-920 Source formatting ddc9d7e
@hhuijser hhuijser LPS-26544 bunch of bug fixes de83de3
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26544 Source formatting f963c32
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27040 Regenerate e1bf290
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27058 Regenerate 9afbca6
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27058 Undo unnecessary change 57dff34
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27058 Regenerate 5d1700d
@ealonso ealonso SOS-924 43b5fe5
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-924 source formatting c383153
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-1055 1b07365
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-924 Fix grammar d44006a
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-924 Language keys 2a849c4
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27099 23945e3
@lionah lionah LPS-27079 Add ability for Resource Importer to link files 68a49ee
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27079 Source formatting 3cdbe8c
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-935 007a3a8
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-935 Source formatting b3f06e6
@epgarcia epgarcia SOS-1054 Embedding Breadcrumb Portlet in SO Theme 2990aaf
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-1054 should not show breadcrumbs for dashboard and profile pages. c7e5beb
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1054 Restyling Breadcrumbs and moving the join and leave button 7d7aa05
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27107 ea72af3
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26544 Theme should apply what was done in the layout set prototyp…
…e to the Guest group
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27136 7bd95e4
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-25765 5915b5e
@lionah lionah LPS-26544 Send necessary information to Welcome Theme 1885d12
@lionah lionah LPS-26544 Apply Welcome Theme to Guest community f61dc92
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26544 Source formatting 43d9bd5
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-859 f73b397
@lionah lionah SOS-859 Source formatting a49b6a8
@jjangsam jjangsam LPS-27191 Typo in prevents MySQL from u…
…pgrading Kaleo
@epgarcia epgarcia SOS-759 Chat Info Icon Cutoff 61712c3
@lionah lionah SOS-759 Since IE6 isn't supported, so we can specify all of IE fbc7ddd
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27152 d7fdc82
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-26197 Apply aui:form and alloy improvements 5afd94b
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-26197 Show labels to and from 80acdc3
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-26197 Support for showing routes in the portlet itself and choosi…
…ng the travelling mode
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-26197 Don's show direction steps by default 49490a4
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-26197 Support for showing directions from the configuration (with…
…out showing the inputs)
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-26197 Support for showing a link to Google Maps 0f717e8
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-26197 Build Languages 1890e8e

Refactored and sent back to the developer to check for any regressions and improve the original code.


@ipeychev ipeychev closed this
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