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.ivy LPS-47199 Buy space
benchmarks LPS-56115 Sort
classes LPS-54815 project files
definitions LPS-53828 SF
lib LPS-55740 SF
modules Snapshot
nbproject LPS-55740 Sort
oss-licenses LPS-44026 json-java SF
portal-client LPS-57153 Fix namespace mapping
portal-impl LPS-57227 add osgi bindings
portal-service LPS-57409 update to proxy factory bindings
portal-test-internal LPS-57332 Update usages
portal-test LPS-57332 Update usages
portal-web LRQA-16888 Create macro to view a user's custom field and apply
readme/7.0 LPS-56372 sort
sql LPS-56746 sort
support-resin LPS-55630 Remove useless deploy target override
support-tomcat LPS-55630 Remove useless deploy target override
support-websphere LPS-55630 Remove useless deploy target override
tools LPS-57378 sdk
util-bridges LPS-55740 Update references
util-java LPS-47199 Buy space
util-slf4j LPS-55630 Typo
util-taglib LPS-56505 Direct catch rather than instanceof and cast.
.classpath LPS-55740 Struts 1.3 introduces a new dependency on Commons Chain
.gitignore LPS-56110 ignores
.gitmodules LPS-47374 Add content targeting submodule under modules/apps (moved f…
.project LPS-34594 All the plugins in the SDK has a reference to portal-master…
CONTRIBUTING.markdown LRDOCS-1575 Replace links with LDN links for official doc…
README.markdown LRDOCS-1575 In the README, remove the Development Options section, as… LPS-56072 we shouldn't need a major.version, please update scripts ac…
build-common-ivy.xml LPS-55635 Unset mirrors.src property
build-common-java.xml LPS-55630 Typo
build-common-web.xml LPS-51038 Fix for windows machines
build-common.xml LPS-51081 Forward ANT_OPTS to GRADLE_OPTS
build-dist.xml LRQA-16761 Update unzip-weblogic target to include executable permiss…
build-maven.xml LPS-56465 pacl project files
build-test-batch.xml LPS-57367 Print out current batch test classes for reproducing CI tes…
build-test-glassfish.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-jboss-eap-6.0.xml LPS-46193 SF
build-test-jboss-eap-6.1.xml LPS-46193 SF
build-test-jboss-eap.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-jboss.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-jetty.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-jonas.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-performance.xml LPS-51203 Fetch perfomance branch from a different repository
build-test-plugins.xml LPS-51464 Omit default
build-test-resin.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-sharepoint.xml LPS-47933 SF
build-test-solr.xml LRQA-16054 Engrish
build-test-tcat.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-tck.xml LPS-56196 Tsant GC tuning
build-test-tcserver.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-tomcat-db2.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-tomcat-hsql.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-tomcat-oracle.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-tomcat-postgresql.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-tomcat-sybase.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-tomcat.xml LRQA-12334 Enable ant scripts to run purely on poshi runner
build-test-weblogic.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test-websphere.xml LRQA-15529 Change '' to 'test.class' in build-test-*.xml
build-test.xml Revert "LPS-57298 CI work around, revert this until Kiyoshi fix the C… LPS-57023 SF
build.xml LPS-56051 make sure sdk is set up before calling gradle-execute
changes.txt LPS-45406 Replace http with https LPS-54656 Fix typo in CLDSVCS project name
common.bnd LPS-47133 Build problem caused by bnd in China
git-commit-plugins Record
ivy-settings.xml LPS-52961 the liferay-public is backed by maven central already
prepare-generated-files.tstamp Prepare regenerated files on master. LPS-42961 Disable this by default LPS-57100 Exclusion not needed LRQA-15477 Modify the default ''


Liferay Portal

Liferay Portal is an open source enterprise web platform for building business solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term value. Liferay Portal started out as a personal development project in 2000 and was open sourced in 2001.

To get started, check out the project's community homepage at!

Source Code

Liferay's main source code resides in two repositories: liferay-portal and liferay-plugins. Liferay has additional repositories for the following:

Liferay Portal releases are built from the liferay-portal repository and include select plugins from the liferay-plugins repository. You can build Liferay Portal, its plugins, and/or any of the other supporting technologies from their respective repositories.

Quick Start

To get up and running quickly, download a pre-built Liferay release and follow the Quick Start instructions. For more detailed installation instructions, please read the Deployment section of documentation on the Liferay Developer Network.

If you wish to build core Liferay or its plugins, read the CONTRIBUTING guide. It includes details on using the repositories and building the software.

Liferay Developer Network

The Liferay Developer Network (LDN) at, is the best place to learn about Liferay. It has over 200 tutorials, guided learning, and much more.

LDN's Learning Paths are a great place to learn how to develop on Liferay, especially if you're new to Liferay development. As you gain experience developing on Liferay, you'll want to dive into Tutorials for details on leveraging Liferay's technologies and frameworks. If you create apps that you want to share or sell, you can read LDN's Distribute section to learn how to publish the apps to the Liferay Marketplace.

The Liferay Developer Network is not only your home for Liferay development, but it's also your place to participate in making Liferay better. Come check out the Liferay Developer Network.

Stay Connected

There are many ways for you to learn what's new in Liferay, get answers to questions, and connect with other Liferay community members.


Follow us on Twitter:


Read details on announcements, engage in discussions, and learn more by following Liferay's Blog Stream.


Do you have questions? Ask them on our very active forums!

IRC Channel

Tune into Liferay's Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel.


Channel: #liferay


Liferay welcomes any and all contributions! Please read the CONTRIBUTING guide for details on developing and submitting your contributions.


For transparency and insight into Liferay's release cycle, and for striving to maintain backward compatibility, we make a strong effort to uphold the versioning for our software as described in Understanding Liferay's Releases.

Bug Tracker

Did you find a bug? Please file an issue for it at following Liferay's JIRA Guidelines.

Professional Services

If you need professional consultation or help with Liferay and your business, check out the offerings from Liferay, Inc. and its partner network.

Liferay Portal Community Edition License

This library, Liferay Portal Community Edition, is free software ("Licensed Software"); you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; including but not limited to, the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY, NONINFRINGEMENT, or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA

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