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Added component.skinnable=true to build files

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1 parent 8d39b52 commit daa7c2d5705b64f3461bcde42f45395f96844615 @ipeychev committed Aug 15, 2012

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@@ -2957,4 +2957,4 @@ Y.AccordionItem = Y.Base.create( AccItemName, Y.Widget, [Y.WidgetStdMod], {
-}, '@VERSION@' ,{optional:['dd-constrain', 'dd-proxy', 'dd-drop'], requires:['event', 'anim-easing', 'widget', 'widget-stdmod', 'json-parse']});
+}, '@VERSION@' ,{requires:['event', 'anim-easing', 'widget', 'widget-stdmod', 'json-parse'], skinnable:true, optional:['dd-constrain', 'dd-proxy', 'dd-drop']});
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