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Add a skipAnimation option to addItem to avoid initial collapse animatio... #7

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Here's the pull request from a branch of yui3 gallery with the changes. The last commit should just be the one to cherry pick. I removed the debugger and fixed the typo and rebased that back down to a single commit.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.

YUI Builder added some commits Jan 18, 2012

YUI Builder gallery-2012.01.18-21-09 solmsted gallery-yql-crypto 2cc2537
YUI Builder gallery-2012.01.18-21-09 solmsted gallery-yql-rest-client d4c6677
YUI Builder gallery-2012.01.18-21-09 nzakas gallery-media b2bf365
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2012.01.18-21-09 5d2f041
YUI Builder gallery-2012.01.25-21-14 lsmith gallery-datatable-350-preview a6fbd26
YUI Builder gallery-2012.01.25-21-14 Satyam gallery-timeline e7bae83
YUI Builder gallery-2012.01.25-21-14 rgrove gallery-storage-lite 295a227
YUI Builder gallery-2012.01.25-21-14 foxxtrot gallery-uuid 1a719c6
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2012.01.25-21-14 f67a966
YUI Builder gallery-2012.02.01-21-35 lsmith gallery-datatable-350-preview 3792b22
YUI Builder gallery-2012.02.01-21-35 mocheng gallery-flipview 5ad1854
YUI Builder gallery-2012.02.01-21-35 solmsted gallery-model-list-union 595e47e
YUI Builder gallery-2012.02.01-21-35 mocheng gallery-scroll-beacon ddbaf29
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2012.02.01-21-35 3831997
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-quickedit 1972289
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 solmsted gallery-model-list-difference 0c95f42
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-bulkedit 351f3dd
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-querybuilder 87354d2
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-treeble 00d72ac
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-formmgr b9f7214
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-accordion-horiz-vert 2837732
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-console-test 2bcb0f3
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 Satyam gallery-timeline 0a639fb
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 solmsted gallery-any-base-converter a0c4158
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-expiration-cache 4cd4291
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-linkedlist b74de28
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-instancemanager 5df7422
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-paginator ce0b9a9
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-iterable-extras e8e0e10
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-funcprog 9b5dc5d
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-nodelist-extras2 e87e0cd
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-object-extras fd5a2f0
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-dimensions b36c334
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-mru-cache a49ca22
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-anim-class b4be746
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 apipkin gallery-timer 38478b4
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 Satyam gallery-md-model 0299591
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 g13n gallery-carousel-anim e115b64
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 g13n gallery-carousel 308390b
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 ericf gallery-model-sync-yql e5672f4
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 sumana gallery-carousel-circular 6fabda3
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-node-optimizations 1d9a44e
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-layout 8cfe22f
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-layout-rows 4428fa1
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 jafl gallery-layout-cols 8d23a3a
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 ericf gallery-model-sync-rest 5b39892
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 stlsmiths gallery-picklist 458a602
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 solmsted gallery-array-iterate 2de9d63
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 solmsted gallery-widget-inherit-css 41cd5d8
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 solmsted gallery-soon 1e3b26d
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 lsmith gallery-datatable-350-preview 0ad9d40
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 alaaibrahim gallery-intl-arabicnumerals 30e2784
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 solmsted gallery-async-command-timeout c1b4425
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 solmsted gallery-async-progress db5e0d7
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 solmsted gallery-lazy-load fe6c7c9
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2012.03.23-18-00 9ca9a7a
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.28-20-16 joeauty gallery-nmmenus be5507c
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.28-20-16 jafl gallery-node-optimizations 4332fd5
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.28-20-16 solmsted gallery-qr-code-generator-base 0d82b69
YUI Builder gallery-2012.03.28-20-16 Satyam gallery-button-plugin 72cb5e7

YUI Builder and others added some commits May 23, 2012

YUI Builder gallery-2012.05.23-19-56 jafl gallery-expiration-cache 9689d05
YUI Builder gallery-2012.05.23-19-56 jafl gallery-formmgr-css-validation f2180da
YUI Builder gallery-2012.05.23-19-56 jafl gallery-formmgr abb0dbf
YUI Builder gallery-2012.05.23-19-56 jafl gallery-mru-cache 1765b97
YUI Builder gallery-2012.05.23-19-56 jafl gallery-paginator bbfecb5
YUI Builder gallery-2012.05.23-19-56 jafl gallery-querybuilder d5593c0
YUI Builder gallery-2012.05.23-19-56 derek gallerycss-cssbutton ac80fad
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2012.05.23-19-56 a74f759
YUI Builder gallery-2012.05.30-21-22 zordius gallery-zui-placeholder 8ff6131
YUI Builder gallery-2012.05.30-21-22 wrumsby gallery-node-fitvids 2927971
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2012.05.30-21-22 0a24d59
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.06-19-59 jamesalley gallery-flickpanel fbe893b
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.06-19-59 twobit gallery-event-selection 18e425a
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.06-19-59 g13n gallery-carousel 489c88c
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.06-19-59 wrumsby gallery-node-fitvids 044976b
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2012.06.06-19-59 e96d117
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.13-20-30 mzgupta gallery-multivalue-input 118f0d9
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.13-20-30 prachiti gallery-simplenotifier e195271
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.13-20-30 jafl gallery-matrix-credits f07480e
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.13-20-30 jafl gallery-matrix-background 0546e9e
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2012.06.13-20-30 c121fbf
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 twobit gallery-tag-registry af0a8d3
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 twobit gallery-tag 1631c15
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 twobit gallery-event-inserted 8e73ecf
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 ghinch gallery-placeholder a7d90d7
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 twobit gallery-ytag-registry 41d6b93
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 twobit gallery-ytag c7b65a3
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 ekashida gallery-communication-layer 2db715d
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-isoline cd111a9
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 jafl gallery-exprbuilder 90f89d0
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-gravatar-url 38d40c7
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-lazy-load 8e85b9c
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-model-list-difference 4fbbfe8
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-model-list-union 8ebd28a
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-qr-code-generator-base 2200ced
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-soon 5f9ccea
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-yql-crypto c71d5b2
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-yql-execute 6830fab
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-yql-rest-client 7b56a8b
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-yql-rest-client-oauth 1098011
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-google-maps-frame 0676dfc
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-any-base-converter eea57f3
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-array-iterate 7bf2715
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-array-unnest c73ca91
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-async e6bc7af
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-async-command 95db8da
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-async-command-clone 66db215
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-async-command-delay 825b60b
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-async-command-timeout d4d3f3f
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-async-command-withhold edc6256
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-async-pause cc4cebc
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-async-progress f38ff98
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-audio f14474b
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-composite-image 93d704b
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-delay b71a16c
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 solmsted gallery-google-maps-loader 51f84c5
YUI Builder gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 jshirley gallery-dynamic-dialog 0c4c5f5
YUI Builder Gallery Build Tag: gallery-2012.06.20-20-07 3484105
@mitechie mitechie Add a skipAnimation option to addItem to avoid initial collapse anima…

ipeychev commented Aug 16, 2012

Hello Richard,

You are adding skipAnimation parameter to _processItems and _collapseItem functions, but such parameter should be added to _expandItem too (and after that to _processExpanding).

Btw, Accordion currently provides an attribute, useAnimation. If you set it to false just before adding your item and then set it to true again, does this solve your problem?


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